Discovery Education Resources

Check out this page for information about DEstreaming Access, FAQ's, DEstreaming Plus, Becoming a STAR Educator and Resources Beyond the Classroom.

I can't imagine teaching without having access to the Discovery Education resources! I used this product almost daily in some w
ay or another in my classroom. is a place I sign on each day when I'm at work. Because of the vast array of features in Discovery, there is something new EACH day!  

To Set Up an Account
To access Discovery Education resources, go to
and log in with your username and pass
word.  If you need to create an account click on the PassCode/ New User tab.  You will need to enter a building specific passcode.  Once you have the passcode follow the online directions.

FAQs to Help You Get Started
Q. How do I get access to DEstreaming and Discovery Education
A. Contact me at 
Q. How do I create a new Discovery Education Account? 
A. Go to Click on the PassCode/New User Tab. Enter the passcode given to you ( You will not have to use the passcode again.) Answer a few questions and give yourself a username and password. Be sure to accept agreement terms. 

Q. What if I already have created an account and forgot my log on information?
A. Send me an email, let me know and I'll send you your username and password.
Q. What if I can't remember if I created an account or not?
A. Send me an email, let me know and I'll let you know if you have an existing account and I'll send your your username and password. 
Q. How can I tell what Discovery content I have access to?
A. Different buildings in the district subscribe to additional content from Discovery. Depending on what building you are in, you will have content that others may not. Everyone in the district has DEstreaming.
When you log into Discovery Education,  you will see a gray bar at the top of the page listing what you have access to. The first icon will be  MY DE which is your homepage, the next icon is streaming and the last is DEN.  Depending on what building you are in, you might see additional content icons.
 Q. Do students have access to DEstreaming content?
A. YES!  However, you should not give students your username or password or let them use the site while you are logged on.
In order for students to have access to DEstreaming, they need to have a unique username and password just like you. To create unique un's and pw's for your students, I have to upload them into the DEstreaming system. If you would like your students to be able to access content on DEstreaming by searching student specific resources, or by content you assign to them through the Classroom Manager and Builder Tools, send me an email. 
Q. Where can I find directions on how to use features of DEstreaming, including setting up a class and assigning video, quizzes,etc. to my students?
A.  At the bottom of this page there are printable tutorials.  Or, Once you sign in to DEstreaming, click on the Professional Development tab on the blue bar at the top of the page.  Clcik on the DEstreaming tab, and then select the Tools & Features link.  Once you are in the PD section of DEstreaming, you will see a variety of tabs and links to help you use the resources in DEstreaming.
Q. Can I use DEstreaming resources in PhotoStory, PowerPoint, Windows Movie Maker and other media software? How do I do that?
A. Yes you can! To learn how , log in to DEstreaming, click on the PD link and then select the Digital Media Integration link.

Free for Parents
Go to Select the PARENTS link at the top of the page to find homework help, special programs on literacy, teen driving, fishing, H1N1 and more! 

Discovery Education Resources for 
Schenectady City Schools

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to locate the following printable tutorials: 

  • Creating a Class of Students and Viewing Activity Results
  • Navigating the Student Center
  • Creating a Writing Prompt Activity
  • Assigning a DEstreaming Activity
  • Using DEstreaming Videos in Your SMART Lessons
  • Ppt Template with Activity URL and Code
  • A Day in the Life of a Discovery Educator by Lance Rougeux

If Ms. Marriner's 2nd Graders Can Do It,
So Can You!

    What makes learning using Discovery Education resources different for students in Ms. Marriner's class at Paige Elementary? Students can search for learning resources, like videos, images, ebooks, virtual labs,  and songs, just to name a few. They can also view, complete and see feedback from individual assignments provided to them electronically from their teacher.
    Each second grade student  was given their district username and password for DEstreaming and each signs on by themselves to their own personal Discovery Education Student Center. 
    Ms. Marriner is one of many of educators here in Schenectady using Discovery Education for individualized digital instruction for her students. She says, "My students love being able to sign on the computers by themselves and look for resources about the topics we are studying. I still use DEstreaming to show video resources to the class as a whole, but having students use the resources as individuals makes it more meaningful to them." 

For more information on how your students can do the same, contact Tracy Standhart, SCSD Discovery Education and Instructional Technology Specialist.  Resources for teachers and parents can be located at

NEW in Schenectady this school year:
DEstreaming Plus!
Schenectady City School's teachers and staff are fortunate to have the addition of DEstreaming Plus to our services from Discovery. What' the difference you ask?
Check out the information below to help you understand what new media we have.

New Content Types in Discovery Education streaming Plus engage Language Arts and Mathematics students

  • Skill Builders- Capture students' attention and develop their problem solving skills. With over 100 skill builders spanning core subject areas get students engaged through hands-on experience.
  • Educational Games-Reinforce essential language arts and mathematics concepts through some of the over 100 educational games.
  • Math Overviews and Explanations- Access thousands of self paced tutorials that explain difficult-to-understand mathematics concepts.
  • Sample Math Dojo
  • Sample Math Overview

You are a member of the Discovery Educator Network!

Because Schenectady Schools subscribes to DEstreaming, everyone who creates and account has access to the DEN! To learn more about the DEN and how to become a DEN STAR  click here.

Resources for the Classroom and Beyond
Before you even log in to Discovery Education, you have a wealth of resources and websites to share with students and parents. Just look a the top of the page for the links to classroom resources and home resources.  
Within the classroom resources link you can access:
  • Puzzlemaker
  • Lesson Plans
  • Featured Content
  • Parent Corner
  • Science Fair Central
  • Discovery Student Adventure
  • Contests & Grants
Within the home resources link you can access homework help and suggested web sites for :
  • Math
  • English
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • World Languages
  • Health
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Research
  • Reference
  • Stories & Games
  • Technolgy
  • Search Engines

Here is a video created by a DEN Star colleague from Tennessee -Tim Childers, a member of my personal learning network, talks about the resources listed above.

Free Discovery Resources

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