The Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network (TSPN) is staging the Suicide Prevention Awareness and Educational Events in multiple locations across the state during the month of September. These events are intended to
  • remember those we have lost to suicide,
  • encourage survivors of suicide, survivors of suicide attempts, and people who have triumphed over mental illness, and
  • recognize individuals who have made notable contributions to suicide prevention efforts in our state.
TSPN observes Suicide Prevention Awareness Month in September in connection with World Suicide Prevention Day. Usually we host a ceremony which includes addresses from state officials, testimony from survivors of suicide, and the presentation of awards for contributions to suicide prevention in the state of Tennessee. But in the wake of our economic situation, we believe it is time to demonstrate an active and dynamic commitment to suicide prevention across the state of Tennessee.
At least eleven events are planned within each of TSPN’s regions. While regional event agendas may vary slightly, each one will include the following elements:
  • Dedication of the “Love Never Dies” Memorial Quilt, an ongoing Network project
  • Reading of the Suicide Prevention Awareness Month proclamation issued by the Office of the Governor, and announcement of city/county proclamations acquired thus far 
  • Presentation of the Regional Suicide Prevention Awards and the Madge and Ken Tullis Suicide Prevention Award
  • A candle­lighting ceremony in memory of those lost to suicide and in honor of survivors of suicide and suicide attempts
  • A symbolic balloon release
  • Acceptance of donations to further local and statewide awareness efforts

Several of the events will include walks to illustrate the “steps” we take to raise awareness of the problem of suicide as outlined in the Tennessee Strategy for Suicide Prevention, and the “steps” we as members of the general public need to take to understand the warning signs of suicide, learn about area resources, and work to prevent suicides in our communities. These walks also parallel the journey towards healing and recovery taken by all those struggling with suicide loss, suicidal impulses, and mental illness.

The Network is currently seeking sponsors on both local and statewide levels. Your agency would be recognized on the event program (statewide or region­-specific based on sponsorship level), the TSPN website (, TSPN’s monthly newsletter, and during the event itself. Donors at the top level may also set up booths at their respective regional events. Sponsorship information can be found here
Our sponsorship and donation goal for this event is $1,873 per region.  (We chose this number because each of these events will include a memorial walk, and if you walked the entire border of the state of Tennessee, you would have walked 1,873 miles.)  If we meet each regional goal, this will provide $14,984 for TSPN outreach, special projects, and printing. 

Individuals and agencies interested in sponsoring and/or donating should make out a check to the Mental Health Association of Middle Tennessee (MHAMT), entering “TSPN” in the memo line, and mail it to MHAMT at 2416 21st Avenue South, Suite 201, Nashville, TN, 37212.  You may also donate online via the regional event pages on this website.   

We will be happy to pro­vide you with additional information as needed; you may contact the TSPN central office at (615) 297-­1077 or
We thank you for your consideration of this request and your interest in our suicide prevention efforts, and we look forward to hearing from you regarding your intentions to support this project.
The TSPN Advisory Council

Note Regarding Attachments


Documents associated with the Suicide Prevention Awareness and Educational Events are linked at the bottom of this page.  They include:

  • A letter with full details on the project
  • A sponsorship form listing the benefits associated with each sponsorship level
  • A map of TSPN’s eight regions for consultation in deciding which regional event you would like to support
  • A series of short articles suitable for provision to local newspapers and other media outlets. 

Current TSPN SPAE Goal

Visit our State Regions page to see your area and donate!

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