Curriculum Vitae

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Areas of Specialization:   Mind, Language

Areas of Competence:     Metaphysics (esp. Time), Philosophy of Science, Ethics

1. Appointments & Academic Education:

02/2013 - present


Post-doctoral Fellow in Philosophy of Mind and Language
Institut Jean Nicod, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France
(Research fellowship from the City of Paris)
Promoter: Prof. Francois Recanati
Project: Temporal Perspectives In Thought


09/2011 - 01/2013

Post-doctoral Fellow in Philosophy of Mind
Instituto de Investigaci
ónes Filosoficas, UNAM Mexico
(Fellowship from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México)
Promoter: Prof. Axel Barceló Aspeitia
Project: Tense in Thought and Language



Ph.D. in Philosophy. University of California Santa Barbara
Supervisor: Kevin Falvey (UCSB)
Title: “Tensed Belief”
Committee: Kevin Falvey, Nathan Salmon, Anthony Brueckner (UCSB), David Sanson (Ohio State University)



M.A. in Philosophy. University of California Santa Barbara
Dissertation: Smart and Tensed Beliefs.
Director: Kevin Falvey (UCSB)
The Paul Weinpahl Award for Teaching Excellence.


M.A. in History & Philosophy of Science. University of Athens, Greece
Thesis: “The Ontology of Fictional Characters”.
Director: S. Virvidakis (University of Athens)


B.Sc. in Mathematics & Computer Science. Imperial College London, U.K. Mention: Honours

2. Publications:  

(forthcoming) Explaining tensed belief. In C. Majolino, K. Paykin-Arroučs (eds.) Telling Time: Moments, Events, Duration. Issues in Philosophy of Language and Linguistics 5.

(2014) Mental files and times. Topoi: An International Review of Philosophy. S. I. Time and time experience, DOI: 10.1007/s11245-014-9247-6

(2013) The structure of propositions and cross-linguistic syntactic variability. Croatian Journal of Philosophy Vol. XIII (39): 399-419.

(2013) On two arguments for temporally neutral contents. Disputatio 37. 427-443.

(2012) Tensed Belief. Ph.D. Dissertation - published by Proquest/UMI, Los Angeles 2012. ISBN-10: 249057825.

(2010) Smart and tensed beliefs. Philosophia 38 (2) / June, 2010. 313-325.

3. Conferences (*=invited):

(2014) “The structure of propositions and cross-linguistic syntactic variability”. American Philosophical Association. Central Meeting, Chicago, February 2014 (Forthcoming - Accepted)

(2013a) “Between memory theories and specious present theories”. American Philosophical Association. Eastern Meeting, Atlanta, December 2013 (Forthcoming - Accepted)

(2013b) “Mental Files and Times”. 9th Meeting of the Spanish Society for Analytic Philosophy (SEFA), Madrid

(2013c*) “Mental Files for Presentism?”. Institut Jean Nicod Paris

(2013d) “Mental Files and Times”. World Congress of Philosophy, Athens

(2013e) “Perceiving times”. 4th Rhythm Production and Perception Workshop, Birmingham

(2013f) “Mental Files and Times”. American Philosophical Association, Central Meeting, New Orleans

(2012a) “Can we perceive times?”. Perceptual Ephemera Conference, University of Geneva

(2012b*) “Perceiving Temporal Properties”. Istanbul Technical University

(2012c) Chair of Session “Animal Cognition” American Philosophical Association. Pacific, Seattle

(2012d) “From temporal perception to de re beliefs”. ENFA 5 (Encontro Nacional de Filosofia Analítica), Braga

(2012e*) “Tensed Belief in a Tenseless World”. University of Patras

(2012f*) “Tensed thought as de re thought”. UNAM

(2011a*) Comments on L. Garcia’s “The homology of face recognition systems in human and non-human primates”, Cognitive Perspectives on Mind, Mexico

(2011b) “From temporal perception to de re beliefs”. Meaning, Context & Implicit Content , Cerisy France

(2011c*) Comments on V. Vlaovic’s ”The explanatory limits of Schroeder’s non-cognitivism”, Ohio Philosophical Association, Dayton

(2011d) “Truth-conditions, conceptual buffers & tense”. Midsouth Philosophy Conference, Memphis

(2011e*) Comments on J. Montmarquet’s ”The Conscience of Huckleberry Finn Revisited”, Midsouth Philosophy Conference, Memphis

(2011f) “Elements of propositions and cross-linguistic syntactic variability”. 6th Annual International Conference on Philosophy, Athens

(2009) “Smart and tensed beliefs”. Time on Trial conference, West Virginia University


4. Scientific activity

Awards & Distinctions

2010-2011, 2009-2010

Visiting Scholar at the Ohio State University


One-year graduate USAP Fellowship (UCSB).


The Paul Weinpahl Award for Teaching Excellence from UCSB (career award for philosophy graduate teaching)


Visiting Scholar at the National Autonomous University of Mexico


Ralph. W. Church Fellowship from UCSB (Full-time, all fees covered)


Associate of the Royal College of Science, London, UK

Research Groups


Member of the Centre for Philosophy of Time


Member of the ERC project Context-Dependence, Perspective, and Relativity, directed by François Recanati (Paris).


Observant Member of the COST research project Time in Mental Activity (TiMeLY), directed by Argiro Vatakis(EU).


Research Associate of the PAPIIT research group Representation and Cognition, directed by Angeles Eraña (México).


Research Associate of the PAPIIT research project Epistemology and Metaphysics of Modality, directed by José Edgar González Varela (México)

Meeting Organization

(Jean Nicod,
ENS, France)

Group Convener and coordinator of the interdisciplinary research group Time in Mind and Language
Interdisciplinary group of philosophers, psychologists and linguists working on time. Bi-weekly discussions of empirical and philosophical papers.

July 1-3, 2013
(Jean Nicod,
ENS, France)

Co-organisation (with Dan Zeman and Markus Kneer) of the international conference 7th Latin Meeting in Analytic Philosophy
Participants: F. Recanati (Jean Nicod), I. Stojanovic (Pompeu Fabra), A. Billon (Lille), J. Dokic (Jean Nicod), F. Lihoreau (UN Lisboa), F. Salis (LANCOG), L. de Brasi (A. Hurtado Chile), G. Bochner (Bruxelles), G. Santos (LANCOG), and others.

May 14-15, 2010
(University of California Santa Barbara)

Co-organisation (with Julien Guillemet) of the international interdisciplinary conference Chance and Destiny
Disciplines: Philosophy, French, Literature, Film Studies, Mathematics
Keynotes: Thomas Cavanagh (Yale), Kateri Lemmens (Québec). Participants: L. Depretto (Paris 8), J. Snyder (UCSB), E. Bertrand (Edinburgh), K. Pearce (USC), M. Cadieu (Cornell), S. Ever (Duke), F. Friche (Neuchatel),
and others.


2007, 2009
2006, 2007
2005, 2006

Advanced Philosophy of Mind: Content and externalism (with E. Garmendia)
Graduate Seminar in Mind & Metaphysics: Temporal perspectives (in Spanish)
Greek 12
Ethics and Applied Ethics (three classes overall, 25 students each)
Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy (twice, 200 students enrollment)
Greek 11
Ethics and Contemporary Religious Conviction (three classes)
100D – Philosophy of Mind (upper level, twice)
Introduction to Philosophy (twice)
Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy
History of Philosophy: Modern Philosophy
Negritudes (Black Studies Dpt.)


Philosophia, dialectica   
Oxford University Press

Society Member

American Philosophical Association, Philosophy of Time Society, Asociación Latinoamericana de Filosofía Analítica, Spanish Society for Analytic Philosophy

5. Languages:

Modern Greek (native), English (fluent), Spanish, German, Classical Greek (advanced)

6. Work experience outside philosophy

2002 – 2004



1999 - 2002

Researcher. University of Athens, Greece
Administrator: Laboratory for the Electronic Processing of Digital Archives.
Project Manager: Scientific Texts in Medieval Greece.
Interdisciplinary research co-ordination (Computer Science, History of Science). Managing funding. Project Implementation. Designing online distribution.

Senior Software Engineer - Intracom Hellas S. A., Athens, Greece 
- Project Manager, NMS Division. Designing and developing Network Management Systems for external clients (OTE Hellas, Intrasoft SA). Communicating with external clients and higher management.
- Team Leader, Chameleon Core. The team comprised software developers, testers, senior engineers and students. Daily coordination. Interviewing new employees. Responsible for training new employees. Software Developer.

8. Graduate classes taken (* indicates auditing)

Mind (7)

Physicalism (K. Falvey),  Perception (K. Falvey),  Consciousness* (J. Loomis - UCSB Psychology),  Self-Knowledge* (T. Burge - U.C.L.A.),  Perception & Agency* (W. Wu),  Philosophy of Cognitive Science* (R. Samuels),  Seminar on Mind & Cognitive Science (IIF UNAM - various)   

Language (5)

Meaning and Reference (N. Salmon),  Fictional Characters (N. Salmon),  Kripke* (N. Salmon),  Quine & Russell*  (N. Salmon),  Conditionals* (R. Dietz)

Metaphysics & Epistemology (5)

Metaphysics & Epistemology (V. Kindi),  Philosophy of Time (K. Falvey),  Self-Knowledge (K. Falvey)*,  Knowledge Contextualism (Zimmerman),  Metaphysics of Propositions* (B. Caplan)

Science (6)

Philosophy & Science (A. Mpaltas),  T. S. Kuhn (V. Kindi),  Quantum Mechanics* (Humphrey),  Galileo* (K. Gavroglou),  Phil. of Mathematics* (Rescorla),  Phil. of Space & Time (Humphrey)

Logic (4)

Symbolic Logic (A. Anapolitanos),  Advanced Logic (N. Salmon),  Modal Logic (A. Anderson),  Tense Logic* (IIF - UNAM)

History of Philosophy (4)

Kant (H. Schwyzer),  Plato (V. Tsouna),  Hume (T. Holden),  Epicureans* (V. Tsouna),  Modern & Early Modern Philosophy (V. Kindi)

Other (4)

Topics in Political Philosophy: Rawls (C. McMahon),  Ethics & Action Theory (M. Hanser),  French Structuralism & Post-structuralism (A. Mpaltas),  Philosophy & Literature (S. Virvidakis)


7. References

(All reference letters could be sent by Interfolio at your request)

Kevin Falvey (, dissertation director. UC Santa Barbara, Philosophy

Anthony Brueckner ( UC Santa Barbara, Philosophy

Voula Tsouna (, Chair. UC Santa Barbara, Philosophy  

Aaron Zimmerman (, teaching reference. UCSB, Philosophy

Axel Barceló Aspeitia ( ). IIF UNAM, Philosophy

Nathan Salmon ( UC Santa Barbara, Philosophy 

Ben Caplan ( Ohio State University, Philosophy

Peter Horn ( Capital University, Philosophy

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