• Dec. 2016 - Senior Product Manager in digital marketing at Oracle, London
  • Oct. 2015-Nov. 2016: Product Manager in digital marketing at Oracle, London
  • 2011-15: R&D / Product Manager in digital marketing at Maxymiser Ltd, London
  • 2009-11: Postdoctoral researcher in the quantum dynamics group at Royal Holloway University of London.
  • 2006-09: Postdoctoral research fellow in theoretical physics, funded by the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council (research grant EP/D065305/1)
  • 2004-06: Postdoctoral research fellow in quantum computing at the quantum information group in the University of Hertfordshire.


  • In few words: I have been interested in applications of complex networks and machine learning in data science and web intelligence (behavioural targeting, personalization and web content optimization), such as social network analysis and recommender systems.
  • I'm also interested in the fundamental theory and wider applications of complex networks (associate member of UCL's Complex Networks group).
  • In the past, I conducted fundamental research in theoretical physics (complex quantum systems, quantum optics, condensed matter physics and quantum information science).
  • Publications: my (published) work in theoretical physics can be found here.


  • Associate Lecturer in the Open University for the 3rd-level course "Science Project: Radiation and Matter". (2007-2013)
  • Supervisor of final-year projects in Quantum Physics and tutor of the Quantum Computing course in the University of Hertfordshire. (2005-2009)


  • Member of Sense About Science. This is an independent trust, which responds to the misrepresentation of science.
  • Member of SciTalk, which brings together writers and artists with scientists.