Think Smart Not Hard-EDUCATION is a program designed to help parents and students, find scholarships and awards that can reduce the cost of college.  The workshops will provide students with scholarships that are available for students of all ages.  Instructors will teach the students the process of applying and submitting for awards and scholarships according to the guidelines required.  All of the information about the scholarships, contest and awards are provided free to parents and students. 
    However, parent's seeking to pay a consultant through TSNH-EDU.  We also can provide that one on one assistance in filling out FAFSA forms and assisting the student in applying for awards.  TSNH-EDU does not offer any guarantees that you will win a scholarship but our goal is to increase your chances toward receiving financial assistance toward college.

    Most parents, cringe just thinking about the college application process.  It is very important to plan and begin saving for your student's college education as early as possible.  The chart given below will give you an idea of what the average college enrollment with tuition, room and board will cost.

Estimated Budgets   Total Cost of College
North Carolina Resident Total Budget
In-state resident students in North Carolina attending NC 
State colleges will pay on average $23,039 for the 2015-
   In-State Tuition $6,407 2016 academic year.
   Other Fees $2,473
   Room and Board $10,635 Out-of-state students not residing in  North Carolina
   On-Campus Other Budget
   Books and Supplies
residence can expect a one year cost of $40,558.
Non-Resident Total Budget $40,558 Pell Grants and other Grant Aid
   Out-of-State Tuition $23,926 In 2014-2015,  53% of North Carolina State University at Raleigh 
   Other Fees
   Room and Board
   On-Campus Other Budget
   Books and Supplies
students receive grant assistance.  The average grant or aid amount total was $10, 081.  Pell grants covered at least 19 percent of the s students receiving  US Federal Government aid.
In 2014-2015 the average Pell Grant awarded was $4,122.  To apply for a Pell Grant fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA).  

If you are blessed to receive a Scholarship from one of the awards given from this site, or if you need more information email me at:  Remember the early bird gets the money!!!