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Blueprints relating to the CNR 5700 series Hudson

posted Jun 8, 2015, 7:11 AM by Tsme Webmaster

Does anyone have any blueprints relating to the CNR 5700 series Hudsons or know of anyone who may have them or has constructed a CNR Hudson live steam locomotive?

The Canadian Rail Museum in St. Constance does have the CNR steam locomotive blueprints (and locomotive 5702) but repeated requests to date for any prints they may have has yielded no response. Also, the Elgin County Museum in St. Thomas which has 5703 (re-numberd 5700) has no prints of this locomotive either.

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Canadian live steam locomotive designs of P.E. Hunt

posted Mar 17, 2012, 12:48 PM by Tsme Webmaster   [ updated Mar 17, 2012, 12:59 PM ]

Does anyone have any information on the Canadian live steam locomotive designs of P.E. Hunt (Percy Eldon Hunt) and do they still exist anywhere? Also, does anyone remember Mr. Hunt and if so can they provide any background information on him?

If anyone knows, has information on or remembers the years 1945-1965 and who were the TSME president's during this period, please contact the Society through the website link. This information is currently missing from our historical files some of which were lost in the late 1980's as a result of a fire.

"If anyone has any old photos or other material relating to any TSME historical events, persons and former members, activities or models, the Society would be most pleased and interested in hearing from you.
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P. E. Hunt was one half of a live steam locomotive design team (together with J.A. Josslin) which produced a number of Canadian (and many other) live steam locomotive designs in 2.5" gauge. The Canadian locomotive designs of Hunt were mentioned in the live steam model making magazines of the day such as The Model Engineer, English Mechanics and the Modelmaker starting in the late 1920's and continuing into the 30's; however, none of Hunt's designs were ever believed to have been published. The design team of Josslin/Hunt also worked for LBSC and produced a number of designs to his specifications. LBSC mentions the Josslin/Hunt designs in a number of his writings up until the early 50's (The Model Engineer). Some of the designs mentioned were concepts only with little, if any, detailed information provided. However, a number of designs incorporating both English and American live steam locomotive design practice (hybrids) were produced in 2.5" gauge with detailed drawings which still exist today. Alex Josslin was the second President of TSME from 1934 to 1937. As a result, the Toronto Society has a number of historic photos and background information on him. However nothing is known about P.E. Hunt. Josslin did produce a set of detailed drawings (undated) under his logo of "Pedigreed Locomotive Designs" for a New York Central (NYC) J1b live steam locomotive in 3/4" scale. On many of these drawings the initials P.E. Hunt appear so it is certain that Hunt was also involved in this design. While incomplete, what is there is very well executed. The writer obtained a set of these drawings in the early 1990's from a Mr. Howard Hunt (his son?). Notes compiled by TSME Archivist

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