Research Grants received

  1. Rs.63,785 form the AICTE, Newdelhi under Travel grant to present paper in IEEE International conference on Control, automation, robotics and vision-ICARCV2006, Dec-5-8, 2006, Singapore.
  2. Rs.30,000 from form the DST, Newdelhi under Travel grant to present paper in IEEE International Conference on Information and Automation for Sustainability, 2007. ICIAFS 2007, December 4-6,  2007, Melbourne, Australia.
  3. Rs.5,00,000 from the AICTE, Newdelhi under research Promotion scheme for the project : Real time Adaptive controller Implementation for electric vehicles for Energy conservation during 2008-2010.

Short term Courses Conducted

  • AICTE sponsored short term training programme on “Design and Simulation in Control systems Engineering” from 01-06-2007 to 15-06-2007.
  • TEQIP sponsored FDP on “Recent trends in Measurement and Automation” from 10.12.2012 to 14.12.2012

Conferences Organised

  • Organising secretary for the National conference on Instrumentation Systems Measurement and Automation-CISMA2007
  • Organising committee member in International Conference on Nano and Micro-Electronics- ICONAME-2008

Contributions to the Department:-


Laboratories Established

  • Designed and developed below listed laboratories to the modern state of art
    • Transducers and measurements Laboratory
    • Design project laboratory
    • Simulation Laboratory
  • Handling Remedial Classes for weaker and failed students
  • Coordinator for National level workshop “INTRONIX 2013”.
  • Coordinator for  National level students symposium “REVEALTION 2002”and “REVEALTION 2010
  • Coordinator for Industrial visits and educational tours.
  • As organizing committee member in “REVEALTION 2005”and “REVEALTION 2014”
  • Staff adviser to the students since 2001
  • Counseling the weak students
  • Maintaining Students profile
  • Accompanied with students more than 20 Industrial visits and Educational tours
  • Providing laboratory materials in the printing format
  • Member in syllabus and curriculum frame work to EIE and ICE departments
  • Guided for more than 30 innovative B.Tech projects
  • Co-Guided for 2 innovative M.Tech projects in the area of control and drives
  • Financial help to the economically poor students

Contribution to the college

  • Regularly giving guest lecture for SC/ST candidates in Career Guidance centre, Ministry of labour, Govt of India, Pondicherry Center.
  • Organising committee member in International Conference ICONAME-2008
  • Organising secretary for the National conference CISMA2007
  • Acted as NSS officer in the year 2002-2003 and 2003-2004
  • Preparation of Accreditation report to our Department
  • Acted as training and placement member from 2001 to 2003
  • Member in JET 2001
  • Member in CENTAC –LEET 2002, CENTAC –LEET 2003, LEET 2006 and LEET 2007
  • Member in CENTAC 2004 and CENTAC 2005
  • Member in Library committee from 2004 to 2007 and 2013-2014
  • Coordination with the inter departmental research with Mechanical Engg.
  • Acted in various committees in our college.

Short term courses attended : 16 courses attended in IIT Kanpur, IIT kharagpur, NIT Warangal, and other institutions for about 30  weeks.