Episode 1 & 2 (Below)
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Episode 3 Deaths (Below)

Here is a List of Episode 3 Deaths
Island of the Crown:
-Throne room stepping on the nail
-Killing Rosella

Island of Wonder:
-Cut off hands on the guillotine

Island of Mist:
-Touch zodiac signs
-Screw up empowering the shears
-Screw up empowering the nightshade
-Die via banshee
-Die via wild morrigan

Dream World Tower:
-Walk away from the overlook rather than riding the horse
-Screw up the shadow dodging on the horse (there’s five different sections of this)
-When the horse gets scared, don’t calm it back down to the road
-Run behind the tower to the left
-Go back out the door of the carriage
-Go out the wrong carriage window
-Don’t get out of the carriage at all
-Get out of the carriage but don’t jump in time
-Get caught by a shadow outside the door of the tower
-Jump off the staircase outside the tower after the carriage is gone
-Don’t close the door after entering the bottom of the tower
-Don’t do anything at the torch scene
-Don’t swing the torch after getting it
-Don’t do anything after swinging the torch properly
-Stand around before the stair breaks
-Don’t kick the shadow while hanging from the stair
-Don’t climb back up in time after kicking the shadow
-Don’t keep moving up the stairs close to the top
-Don’t open the door at the top in time
-Don’t close the door at the top after going in
-Don’t block the door with the wardrobe

Episode 4 Deaths (Below)

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Episode 2 - "Take" Sea water on the Isle of Wonder.

Episode 2- "Look" at the door, In the Book Shop.

Episode 1 - "Look" at small tree on Isle of Crown docks.
Episode 2 - Wait 1-2 minutes, The dogs speak.

Episode 1 - "Talk" icon on King Graham.

Episode 2 - "Look" at chair on Isle of Wonder. Roberta Reference.

Episode 1 - "Take" Icon in shop area. You can ring the bells. (Not sure if this is really Easter Egg)

Episode 1 - "Take" Icon on Torch.

Episode 1 - "Take" Icon to sit on bench, Then try to "Take" anything.