Welcome to Tonya's Summer Professional Development page! If you are a business teacher looking to get yourself ready for fall, check out what I have going on! :)
Hands-on Two-day Illustrator Training
In this two-day sesson, you will receive guided instruction on how to get around in Illustrator from creating cartoons to logos to an infographic. Everything will be from scratch! You will also see examples of student summative projects from my Multimedia class and get two projects with scoring guides to go with it!
MBEA Summer Conference--Concurrent Sessions
Illustrating with Adobe Illustrator (BYOL--Illustrator CS5)
Tuesday, July 23--Colorado B--4-6 PM
This will be a short verson of the 2-day training, covering some basics.
When They Just Don't Care About Grades
Wednesday, July 24--Texas--10:20-11:20 AM
Apathetic students are a teaching nightmare, but we all experience them. This session will discuss Jackson R-2 School's transition to an Advisory program, changes in grading theory, deciding what to grade and what not to grade, and the implementation of an ICU list for dealing with missing work and students who just "don't care." Learn about the frustrations and successes we've experienced and get ideas for ways you can integrate these principles into your own classrooms and schools.

Making Multimedia Magical
Wednesday, July 24--Oklahoma--1-2 PM
Do you teach a Multimedia class? How about a Multimedia unit? Many teachers struggle with what to cover in such a course, what software to use, and how to deal with limited resources and software in such a varied course. Well, look no further! Attend this session for project ideas for multimedia, free software for Windows computers, and see examples of student projects to get your creative juices flowing. Having a fun Multimedia class can be a big draw to your business department and doesn't have to be full of stress!