To enter in an academic contest, a student must be enrolled in Latin and/or Greek in the 2016-2017 school year or be a veteran. Also, students must be members of the TSJCL and NJCL and be registered for the 2017 TSJCL State Convention.

See PDF attached below for the complete list of rules and TSJCL contests (updated for 2017).

Academic Contests

All academic contests will be divided into eight (8) levels:
1/2A: Junior high or middle school students who will take more than one year to complete Latin I and/or Greek I and are currently in the first year (grades 6-8).

1/2B: Junior high or middle school students who will take more than one year to complete Latin I and/or Greek I and are currently in the second year or middle school who will complete Latin I and/or Greek I in one year (grades 7-8).

I: High School students who will complete Latin I and/or Greek I within one year.

II: Second year students.

III: Third year students.

IV: Fourth year students.

V: Students with five (5) or more years of Latin and/or Greek.

Veteran: Students who have completed
a) all the Latin and/or Greek offered at their school,
b) at least three levels of Latin and/or Greek and are not currently enrolled in a Classical Language, or
c) a course in Latin and/or Greek this school year.
Veteran results do not count in sweepstakes but veteran students will be able to receive ribbons. Veteran students are not allowed to compete in Dramatic Interpretation, Latin Oratory, Decathlon, Certamen, or Sight Recitation.


    To ensure fairness and proper placement in a level of competition, sponsors who desire clarification are strongly encouraged to send a detailed description of the school's scheduling arrangements for Latin and/or Greek to a State Chair. The State Chairs will then decide each school's placement on a case-by-case basis. Other questions about academic contests should be addressed to the First Vice-President:
Nikita Jindal, TSJCL First Vice-President

    All TSJCL chapters and members-at-large MUST abide by the eligibility requirements set forths by the University Interscholastic League (UIL) in order to compete at Area nd/or State competitions. Contact any State Chair with any questions about UIL policy.

    Each TSJCL chapter may enter only one (1) contestant in each level of each academic contest except for Dramatic Interpretation (explained in II.O.1) and Reading Comprehension (explained in II.L). In the case of multiple entries from the same school, the highest-scoring contestant will receive an award, the other contestants will be disqualified, and the school will be warned that any infraction in a subsequent year may result in disqualification of the school involved in each event in which an infraction has occurred.
    A student may enter only two (2) academic contests. The academic contests include: Decathlon, Dramatic Interpretation, Geography and Monuments of the Ancient World, Grammar, Greek Derivatives, Greek History, Greek Life and Literature, Latin Derivatives, Latin Literature, Latin Oratory, Mottoes, Mythology, Reading Comprehension, Roman History, Roman Life, Sight Recitation, and Vocabulary.

    Any infraction of the above rules may result in the disqualification of the student(s) involved.