• The play may be performed in either English or Latin.

  • The play must be a one-act skit performed by a team of 2 to 7 contestants.

  • The minimum acting time is 4 minutes. The maximum acting time is 7 minutes. Plays not meeting the time requirements will be penalized at the discretion of the judge.

  • A 2-minute introduction may precede the play. The timing of the introduction will not be counted in the timing of the play. For example, a 3 minute play with a 2 minute introduction would not qualify for the contest.

  • The play must be based on a classical theme and must be an original work written by students during the current 2016-2017 school year.
Five copies of the play must be brought to the convention. In addition, a copy of the script must be emailed by March 7, 2017 to: and     


Judging criteria:
Relevance to Classical Theme: 30%
Content: 25%
Quality of Acting: 25%
Originality: 20%
  • Costumes may be worn. However, there is a $10.00 limit for each participant’s costume. In addition, small hand props are considered part of the costume. When registering for the contest, the contestant must provide a 1) cost sheet, 2) receipts for items bought, 3) appraisals for items borrowed or previously owned by the contestant that are considered part of the costume.

  • No stage props are allowed. Chairs and stools will be provided. Background music is permitted, but not required; if music is used, the contestants must provide the music. Each entry must provide all equipment needed and the contestants must perform all set-up and take-down of equipment. The times allowed for set-up and take-down for the play may not exceed 1 minute each.