vol. 12. The Butterflies of Pakistan

V. Tshikolovets, J. Pagès (2016), 392 pp., 72 colour plates (about 4500 photographs)

When you'll receive this book, you can understand that nobody knew this country well before. So, you will find many new taxa, new records and surprises in distribution for common species, as well as for very rare butterflies.

Pakistan is a unique country with a huge quantity of 7,000 m high mountains in one side, and some of the hottest deserts and semideserts on the other. There are the famous Karakorum mountains, Western parts of the Himalayas, with many local or endemic species, and the southern slopes of the Hindukush mountains, with the biggest endemism in the Palaearctic region.

The Pakistan book includes 436 species, the biggest amount of species compared to any other book published in the series “The butterflies of Palaearctic Asia”.

Registered are 24 new records, 8 taxa with new status, 2 status revised and described are 17 new species or subspecies.

In the time of preparation, authors was visited for study and photographing collections of BM, ZMHU, SMNK and many others museums and private collections. Most of the butterflies illustrated on the plates was collected and keep by J. Pages. This butterflies as rule in perfect condition and good prepared. Because was studied all references including of original descriptions, authors use correct name and established some new synonyms.

This book will be useful for all who have interest not only Palaearctic fauna but also Oriental, and some species occuring in Pakistan have relatives or also occuring in Afrotropical region.

ISBN 978-80-904900-8-6

Vadim Tshikolovets,
25 Nov 2016, 11:47