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05. The genus Melitaea Fabricius, 1807

The genus Melitaea Fabricius, 1807

(Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae, Nymphalinae)
Taxonomy and systematics with special reference to the male genitalia

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by H. van Oorschot & J. Coutsis

Format A4, 360 pp, 24 colour plates, hard cover

This book is the result of almost three decades of work of two older European lepidopterists. Harry is known as one of the authors of the famous "Tagfalter der Turkei," as well as many other publications devoted to Rhopalocera of Western Palaearctic. John is a most famous artist in the contemporary community of lepidopterists. His drawings offer highest quality and reliability. He is known as a great connoisseur of not only European but also Palaearctic butterflies, his list of publications devoted to the Palaearctic Rhopalocera is really impressive.
The editorial team was headed by the famous Dr. Rienk de Jong.
The book contains information about all known species of Melitaea including a distribution map for each species. On colour plates all species are depicted, including many type specimens. Beautiful drawings of genitalia make this book a true masterpiece of modern lepidopterological literature.

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