Welcome to Tshefeua's Corner
Where the only same sex couple approved of is the Shizaya couple x)
Hahah, just playing, but seriously, that's the only gay couple I approve of in anime so far :) Anyways, here you can find links to my videos and poems I've written and many other random things. I hope you all enjoy my website and what I have for you here :) If there is anything you would like to be added just tell me and I'll see what I can do. Just make sure it's school appropriate so this site will not get blocked by the school.

Well it's not a Japanese name if that's what you were thinking. ;) It's actually a name I made up for a character of mine that is half devil and half angel. So Tshefeua means Angelic Devil or Angel-Devil.

And actually, Tshefeua will become this website's mascot :D Huzzah! I already have a drawing made that I'm going to use for this website, it still needs the text added on it and needs to be colored. But once it's all finished, this site will have an official mascot!!! ^-^~