if—and the thing is wildly possible—

A pair of installations on opposite ends of the Talcott Greenhouse at Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA

Click rose & ivy for the more on the installation on the south side (the area closest to the museum/street)

Click the annotated snark for the installation on the west side, off the large room

The greenhouse is a remarkable space. Cared for and enjoyed by humans, it is nonetheless home to a wide array of fauna and flora that use it in their own ways. We humans see only a fraction of what is at work here. What happens in the greenhouse at night? What happens on a microscopic level inside the plants? What secrets are hidden in plain sight?
This installation in two parts takes its title from the first line of the preface to Lewis Carroll’s The Hunting of the Snark.  The characters in the poem go in search of a creature that none has ever seen. These installations grew out of my curiosity about the patterns on the greenhouse’s back windows (snail trails) and the gnarled limb that crosses its side entrance (an ancient rose covered with ivy).  All the imagery relates directly to them, but from perspectives we don’t usually take. If—and the thing is wildly possible—we look closely, who knows what we may find.