At this point you should be asking “What’s next, and what’s in it for me?”  As we teach neighbors to manage their personal finances we encourage them to encourage others.  That’s one way we perfect the process.  As families experience success finding relief from financial stress through new habits, they share their knowledge with friends and other family members.  

We kicked off the year working with Notre Dame Federal Credit Union providing Financial Peace University from Ramsey Solutions.  So far this year, more than 60 families have participated reducing debt, budgeting effectively and establishing growing savings accounts.  We expect to keep growing that number throughout this year.

As we continue to grow the numbers of families establishing financial security, we have begun identifying community based businesses that are providing quality service, fair and affordable prices and creating job opportunities for local neighbors.  We have developed strategies working closely with the Small Business Administration and their organization of volunteer professionals, SCORE, to help these businesses grow and prosper.  As they do, they will provide quality service, investment opportunity and economic stability throughout the community.

If you are a family looking to learn how to stretch every dollar and find financial relief and security contact us.  If you are a community base business looking to grow, contact us.  We’ll show you what’s in it for you.  We'll show you how we strengthen communities through the power of more.