Our plan is simple... dare to dream, dare to chase it and dare to catch it.  At TSG we think continuously about community revitalization.  We see it happening day after day.  Yes, small, incremental steps... but steps none the less.  Clients are attracted to us because they too want to dream.  And they know they need to associate with dream builders, dream nurturers, dream catchers.  

Dream Catcher
In phase I we encourage, support and nurture personal financial discipline. We provide support to help individuals focus on taking control of their money.  We help them see that they have the power to make their dreams a reality.  We make the tools available and provide the support needed.  That can include spending wiser, saving more and even identifying opportunities to earn additional income.  

In phase II we encourage investing in community based businesses.  
This includes learning and leveraging best practices to grow local businesses and properly protect those assets.  It also includes strategies for actively supporting and perhaps investing in businesses that strengthen our communities.  

In phase III we look to re-investing into our communities.  By being the lenders to our own community, we become the masters of our own fate.  As we do this, while we steadily become less dependent upon the traditional institutions and organizations, they become incentivised begin to seek the opportunity to support our initiatives.  Developing our own Angel Investment and Micro-lending groups empowers our community to design economic development that meets our needs... our dreams.