Change Agent – “someone who is employed by a company or organization to change the way in which it is organized and managed”  Macmillan Dictionary

We are change agents.  Since 2005 we’ve worked with community organizations, municipalities, universities and chambers of commerce, with a focus on “community revitalization through entrepreneurship”.  Creating workshops, facilitating meetings, designing programs… we work behind the scenes to help those who seek to bring about positive, constructive, grassroots change be successful.  We know that sometimes the big idea is to think small.   So, we work with anyone, large or small who wishes to "take control of what they have power over".  

Looking to change the discussion on education and make it have a more positive impact on your community?  Join the conversation with us on WNIT's Education Counts program.  Wishing you could learn the basics of every day computer applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint... or just how to navigate around the cloud?  Checkout the FREE basic computer literacy workshops Project Impact South Bend offers at American National University's South Bend Campus. Wanting to change the way differing opinions get expressed from angry shouting to a constructive, respectful exchange of ideas?  Join the campaign to treat everyone with dignity and respect.  

There are many, many agents of change at work in our community.  Are you one of them?  Would you like to be?  If you are about the business of creating change… let’s talk.  


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