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JH Clothing Catalog 
A list of approved clothing is available for you to choose from, the 2009 catalog is listed below.  There is also an order form that you can use as a guide for sending the correct information by e-mail to Denise, who will be handling all the clothing orders.  Please be sure to include as much information as possible in an e-mail, using the form as a guide, so that Denise can place your order in a correct & timely mannor.



Welcome!  We are a franchise of Jackson Hewitt Tax Service with over 70 locations spanning 4 states including offices in MD, PA, WV & VA.  We are and have been a family owned and operated franchise for over 19 years now.  This site is intended for our current & prospective employees only!  To go to the Jackson Hewitt Customer Website please Click Here  You can call our franchise toll free at  800-732-1040 or you can reach our coprporate office at 800-234-1040.

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 "Where do I file my forms?"  If you need IRS mailing addresses to send paper returns to, click here!  You can even find out where to mail each individual form by number.


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