April Newsletter

April Newsletter


Early Bird Renewals

Time is running out for TSCHAA's early bird renewal special. Current members can renew for $15 throughout the month of April. Payment must be received before May 1st to take advantage of this offer. Members can renew before completing the current year. Your 2019-2020 documents will be held until your End of Year form is received. Renew here.

End of Year Form

One of the requirements of the Third Option law is to be a member in good standing with an accountability association. In order to stay in "good standing," TSCHAA requires each member to fill out an End of Year form at the completion of 180 days. This is our way of holding you accountable for following the law. The End of Year Form is on the Application/Forms page of the TSCHAA website. July 31st is the deadline. 

June 15th, June 15th, June 15th

Don't forget you must have a graduation date on or before June 15th to qualify for SC scholarships! Your graduation date and graduation ceremony are not the same. The graduation date is when your child completed his classes. Please make sure the completion date is on or before June 15th. 

Diplomas and Transcripts

If you are interested in a diploma or transcript from TSCHAA, please order with enough time to meet college or graduation ceremony deadlines. A transcript can take up to a week to complete and email, and diplomas can take up to 2 weeks to be printed and mailed. Drafts of both must be approved by youbefore printing, so email communication between you and TSCHAA is very important. You can order a transcript and diploma on the Application/Formspage of the TSCHAA website.

Palmetto Fellows Scholarship

Homeschool associations are required to apply on behalf of Palmetto Fellows Scholarship recipients. Since TSCHAA leaves record keeping up to the parents as stated in the law, it is your responsibility to notify TSCHAA if your child meets the qualifications. 

To qualify for Palmetto Fellows Scholarship in a non-ranking association, the student must have a 1400 SAT/ 32 ACT and a 4.0 on SC's UGP GPA

If you think your child qualifies, please contact TSCHAA. To learn more about SC scholarships, visit here.


An Evening in the Park - Spartanburg - April 25th 6:30 - 10:30. Contact 864-680-5033 or email shehan.lisa.r@gmail.com. 

Lowcountry Prom - April 27th 6:00 - 10:00 in Bluffton. Learn more here.

A Century of Music 1919-2019 - Homeschool Formal and Reunion. May 30th 5 - 10:30 in Greer. Learn more here.

Colleton Dance - "Light of the World" (glow in the dark theme) - May 17th 6:30 - 10:00 at Colleton Saddle Club. Contact Elizabeth Rheam for details: 843-635-3022 or elizabethrheam@gmail.com or on Facebook 

Graduation Ceremonies

Lowcountry - May 18th - email hdouthit@athomeinthelowcountry.com 

Upstate - Vanguard - May 3rd in Greer. Learn more here. 

Columbia - May 4th - learn more here.

Standardized Testing

Standardized testing is NOT a 3rd option requirement, however, some families choose to use it in their homeschools. Here are options for those interested:

Irmo - May 2-3 for 1st - 10th graders - offering CTP5. Contact Yazbet Zannis -yzanniscc@gmail.com or 305-302-5414

Upstate - Iowa Achievement Test - contact Paula Zitman 864-509-1115 or psalm16.6@sbcglobal.net

Other options - for a list on on-site, online, or parent given testing options visithere.

Homeschool Conventions

There are still many homeschool conventions to visit this year! Check out local offerings here. 

Are you keeping up with the Third Option Law??

With all the freedom you have as a Third Option homeschooler, there are still some legal requirements that you must follow. 

According to the Third Option (South Carolina Code of Laws SECTION 59-65-47), a homeschool parent must meet the following:

  • Have a high school diploma or GED (You should have a copy of your high school diploma, GED, or college diploma.)
  • Be the parent or legal guardian of the students they are homeschooling (You can NOT set up a homeschool for a child that you are not the parent/legal guardian.)
  • Be a member of a homeschool accountability association (Your membership with TSCHAA covers you.)
  • Have an instructional year that is at least 180 days (You should document these days for your records. You can mark a calendar, keep up with days in your plan book, or use a record keeping sheet similar to the one here. You can have more than 180 days, and you can complete those days any time during the year. You do not have to follow a public school calendar. If you withdraw your child from public/private school to homeschool, the days earned in school count toward your 180 days.)
  • Have a curriculum that includes reading, writing, math, social studies, science, and in grades seven through twelve, composition and literature. (You can teach more than these subjects, but you must teach these subjects each year. You do not have to teach specific courses within these subjects, however, when choosing your high school courses, you should consider what courses are needed to qualify for admissions at the college of your choice. I recommend, at a minimum, following the requirements for a SC diploma. TSCHAA offers a graduation planning sheet found here. 

Educational records are maintained by the parent. A homeschool parent is in charge of keeping up with the following:
  • plan book, diary, or other record that indicates what is taught (This can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose - just document what you are teaching or what your child is learning and include the dates that you conducted school.)
  • A portfolio of samples of student work (A portfolio is defined as a collection of work. You can put your child’s work in a folder, make a digital collection, or you can create a beautiful keepsake of your child’s learning - it is up to you. The goal is to have proof of schooling in the required subjects for each child.)
  • Semi-annual progress reports (Progress reports are usually made at 90 days and 180 days. These can be formal like a school would issue and have numerical grades for each subject, or they can be informal and simply state how the child is doing in each subject- ex: satisfactorily, at grade-level, needs improvement in ....)