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Ubuntu linux installation&setup

  1. Installation of ubuntu linux from usb
    • I was trying to avoid using cds to install ubuntu linux. I tried using amd64 and x86 version (64bit and 32bit) of ubuntu, and found that ubuntu 32bit seemed to be a better choice for me.
    • First thing, you need universal usb intaller to unpack the ubuntu boot cd contents onto a usb drive.
    • after which you can boot from usb and install from it.
  2. Another frustrating thing i got after installation is that when i was trying to install some preliminary things like vlc player or flash player plugins for viewing youtube :-).
    • I always get package discrepancies cannot be resolved errors.
    • So i found out that after you install the latest version of ubuntu 11.04. You should do a update first.
    • Use the update manager in the system setting.
    • check for all downloadable from the Internet in "ubuntu software" tab
    • i chose download from main server.
    • after i completed the update, the problem went away.
  3. Because i also have a windows 7 partition, i would like to make windows 7 as the default system
    • there is an easy way to edit GRUB list, use "sudo apt-get install startupmanager"
    • it provides an easy GUI interface to setup waiting time and the default booting system in the GRUB list.
  4. Install gcin for chinese input method
    • either install through official website 
    • or, by "sudo /usr/share/gcin/script/noseeing-inst
  5. If there is a need for modifying the partition table
    • recommended use unetbootin to make a live Gparted software.
    • boot from usb or cd to edit the partition table.
    • to install gparted in ubuntu use "sudo apt-get install gparted ntfsprogs"