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Bonding of thermoplastics

==laminar flow in microfluidics==

microfluidics for cell biology


Modeling and simulation of microscale flows

mesoscopic approach for simulating microfluidics with comparison to macroscopic and nanoscopic molecular dynamics comparison

Microfluidics and Nanofluidics Handbook

molecular dynamics for nanoscale

simulation tools for lab on a chip research

electro-osmotic flows of viscoelastic fluids:a numerical study

Basic principles of electrolyte chemistry for microfluidic electrokinetics

induced charge electrokinetics

PhD thesis
electrokinetics and catalysis in microfluidic systems

assessment of joule heating and its effects on EOF and Electrophoresis transport of solutes in microfluidic channels

fabrication and analysis of spatially uniform field electrokinetic flow devices theory an experiemnts
->use of laplace simulation code to solve for the velocity/electrotstaic potnetial on a quasiplanar domain defined by the field.


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