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Lab Recipes

Ammonium Chloride Potassium Lysis Buffer (ACK lysis buffer)
ACK lysis buffer is sitable for lysing of red blood cells in EDTA-anticoagulated whole blood.
8.29g NH4Cl (0.15M)1g KHCO3 (10mM)
0.0372g Na2EDTA (0.1mM)
800mL H2O

use 1N HCl to adjust pH to 7.2-7.4
Add 200mL H2O to 1L
0.2µm filter, preserve under 4℃

Dulbecco's Modified Phosphate Buffered Saline (D-PBS)
Dulbecco's modified phosphate buffered saline DPBS is a balanced salt saline used for cell culture applications.
For ease of use and avoid interference from moisted chemicals. we purchased ready pack power from AMRESCO. 0780-2PK ultrapure grade. Each pack contains powder to make 1L of 10X PBS.
0.2g/L    KCl  (2.67mM) 
0.2g/L    KH2PO4(anhyd) (1.47mM)
8.0g/L    NaCl (137.93mM)
1.15g/L Na2HPO4 (anhyd)  or 2.16g/L Na2HPO4.7H2O (8.06mM)
dissolve in Type I H2

AMRESCO specification

A single strength 1X working solution containing:
0.14M Sodium Chloride.
0.003M Potassium Chloride
0.002M potassium phosphate
0.01M sodium phosphate