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Freezing and Thawing

Cells were grown to log phase (80-90% confluency)
cryopreservant is 5~10% DMSO, tissue culture grade, colorless and sterile.
mix cryopreservant with culture medium.
cells are centrifuged at 300g 5min, remove supernatant, add medium with cryopreservent.
concentration adjusted to 1-5x10^6 cells/mL
4℃ 10-30mins
-20℃ 30min
-80℃ 16~18hrs
liquid nitrogen vapor phase for long term storage.


The sera were stored in -20℃
thaw the solution under 4℃

mix thoroughly

Thawing the sera is recommended by Gibco to thaw under 2to8℃ overnight, then the thawing can be completed at room temp

alternatively on

Thawing and freezing of sera.doc