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Automated Microscopy

It appears that scientifica's device adapters may be the easiest template to modify to fit our stages

Micromanager from UCSF

Z axis drive

==creating a device adapter for micromanager==

=project settings in windows=
  1. the name of the dll starts with the prefix mmgr_dal_<device name>.dll
  2. use C++ run-time multithreaded DLLS (not static ones)
  3. configure to support asynchronous exceptions (/EHa)
  4. don't use precompiled headers.
  5. preprocessor macros should include MODULE_EXPORTS definition.
  6. ../../MMDevice path in Additional include directories.
  7. in post field step, target be compied in a standard run-time location, as in /projects/micromanger1.4/bin_win32 or /projects/micromanager1.4/x64.
=plugin interface=
  1. plug-in interface along with utility calss is contained in single direction, /projects/micromanager1.4/MMDevice
  2. each device adapter must implement one of the abstract interfaces defined in the MMDevice.h
  3. the library module must also implement plugin API defined in ModuleInterface.h.
  4. in theory, one device adapter would be composed of MMDevice.h, ModuleInterface.h, and MMDeviceConstants.h
  5. DeviceBase.h contains base class partial API implementations for all device classes.
  6. Property.h and property.cpp provide the implementation of the property mechanism. Property class is only by the DeviceBase.h