Public Health Response Initiative

This initiative aims at planning out a reporter system for documenting and tracking current pandemic and epidemic all over the world in different places in conjugate with health agencies and centers for disease control all over the world.

Update:2012.10.21 changing of this page into announcements. This page will be a short practice into how things run for in future information can be updated in accordance to information from major public health agencies.

WHO Global Alert and Response

H7N9 avian influenza human case report in China

posted Apr 1, 2013, 8:49 PM by Paul, Hsieh-Fu Tsai
2 cases in Shanghai
1 case in Anhui provice

All three cases presents:
1. respiratory tract infection with progression to severe pneumonia and breathing difficulties.
Two mortality and one in serious condition

No epidemiological link has been identified and source of infection and mode of transmission unclear.

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