Substrate for microfluidic chip

Substrate for microfluidic chip is important depending on applications.
For example. if doing flow chemistry experiments, the chemical compatibility of chip materials as well as the substrate materials must be considered.
For cell applications, microfluidic chip enables possibility to mount on microscope and examine the dynamics through time lapse imaging.
The biocompatibility and imaging compatibility of the substrate is then very crucial.
For high resolution imaging, due to mainstream microscope objectives are designed for 0.17mm (No1.5) coverslip. use of coverslip as substrate may be necessary.
While special size of the substrate can be fabricated, standard sizes are most cost-effective. Thus the size of the microfluidic chip design should be considered in respective to the size of the substrate.

1. 1.5H high precision Schott D263 borosilicate glass covership 
Marienfeld high precision deckglaeser

2. ibidi 25x75mm polymer coverslip
they come in unsterile. and cannot withstand autoclave.
According to the manufacturer it is only sterilizable or more accurately disinfectable through UV and alcohol.

3.Fisherbrand plain microscope slides

4. Marienfeld microscope slides
soda lime