There is some problem iwth running just the keras code.

the original setup packaged in Nvidia-docker provided by the authors seem to work well.

Use this code to start jupyter notebook for the deepcell. Also for it to use data, you need to let it see a host folder

sudo nvidia-docker run -p 9999:9999 -v /home/davince/DeepCell-master:/data/Deepcell -it vanvalen/deepcell

inside the code, use /data/Deepcell/training_data for example

the notebook can be accessed at localhost:9999

for setting up our dataset for training using deepcell
1. we choose instead of 10X objective, instead to go to 20X ADM objective to get bigger cells. 
the filed of view is 0.68mmx0.68mm

installation for tensorflow version
CUDA9.0 (not 9.1) with tensorflow 1.4