Integrated microfluidic system


1. Cetoni

2. Corsolutions

3. Fluidigm
based on technology from Prof.Stephen Quake's technology.

4. LabSmith

5. A-Line


General Microfluidics

1. Prof.Stephen Quake group originated microvalve technology
Dr. Rafael
Prof. Adam Abate
Prof. Sava Tay
Prof. Sebastian Maerkl 

2. Prof.Funahashi's group at Keio University
3. Prof. Guo-Bin Lee @ National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

4. Prof. Paul Blainey, MIT

Droplet Microfluidics

1. DropletKitchen @ University of Southhampton

2. Dropbot from Prof. Aaron Wheeler's group @ University of Toronto.

3. Opendrop

4. Sandia National Laboratory