Heterogenous bonding

Heterogenous bonding especially between PDMS and numerous metals and thermoplastics may be very useful in developing hybrid microfluidic devices that combine advantages of PDMS as well as thermoplastics.

In-house methods

1. silane assisted bonding

We have found this method very promising and easy to do if you have an extra step before bonding that cannot withstand any plasma treatment

commercial bonding agents

1. Loctite plastic bonding system

This commercial kit contains heptane in the activator and activate surfaces first and then use cyanoacrylate for joining.
It is first reported by Waynelovish et al from San Diego State U in Lab Chip chips and tips in 2012.
We can successfully join PDMS/PDMS and PDMS/PMMA without use of any plasma.
However, some whitening may exists maybe from the cyanoacrylate fumes.

2. double sided tape 

It has been reported that double-sided tape can be used to bond PDMS to plastics.