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2012/09/28 Digital Lab Note

posted Sep 27, 2012, 3:07 PM by Paul, Hsieh-Fu Tsai
Although i know there are some laboratory information system out there letting people record their lab note digitally.

but what i really want is a touchable screen computer, where you can access while you do the experiment.
one can
1.display the protocol step by step. 
2.typing recorder for experiment observation
3.results documentation documentation
5.voice documentation
6.photograph documentation
7.gets and stores the data from different laboratory instruments to insert all multimedia data with the lab note.
9.conforms to ISO and HL7 if it's a medical lab

i would really hope in the future we can have touch sensitive screen PC hanging just above the lab bench, you can check the protocol while you do the experiments. documents the experiment observation and results in any way a user want.
A system with good information management which can securely stores all results digitally and frequently backing up.