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involved projects

  1. Laboratory rotation in Professor Masai's unit.
    • Probing of zebrafish lens epithelial mechanical property using a time lapse cell tracking on confocal microscope after a Q-switched UV laser ablation.
      • published on Development
  2. Laboratory rotation in Professor Sowwan's unit
    • Growth of copper nanowire for gas sensing
  3. Laboratory rotation in Professor Shen's unit
    • Isotachophoresis on chip for molecular diagnosis
  4. Personal project:
    • 3D CAD polymeric insert to create uniform electric field
      • published on Scientific Reports
    • A temperature controller based on open-source electronics and software.
      • Based on arduino controllers and python.
      • Working on an upgrade system
      • in preparation
    • Opensource design of transparent heater for microscopy
    • Study of formation dynamics of micellar membrane in microfluidic channel
      • published on Soft Matter
    • Open source design of a resolution testing reticle for mask aligner
      • released on my github page
    • High accuracy segmentation of label-free phase contrast cell microscopy images using deep learning techniques
      • a modified version of DeepCell platform from Stanford.
      • Usiigaci: segmentation using Mask R-CNN
      • opensourced at
      • Published on SoftwareX
    • Reversible sealed hybrid PMMA/PDMS microfluidics for conditioning endothelial cells and study of glioblastoma-endothelial adhesion process
      • published on Biomedical Microdevices
    • Hybrid PMMA/PDMS microfluidics to study electrotaxis of glioblastoma cells and how its mediated by voltage-gated ion channels.
      • published in APL bioengineering

On-going personal project:
1. microfluidic lab chip automation
2. quantitative phase imaging for medical diagnostics
3. open-source compact microscope for within incubator imaging.
4. multiple gradients generating microfluidic platform
5. microchip electrophoresis system for protein analysis