APUSH Syllabus

A.P.U.S. History Syllabus – Fall 2011 through Spring 2012

Course Objective:

To create an engaging, productive, and respectful classroom environment that promotes all students’ mastery of the California Content Standards for 11th grade United States History as well as the time periods and themes required by the College Board Advanced Placement United States History Curriculum.  Students will become knowledgeable about the events of U.S. History spanning 500 years, from beginning of European contact with Indians through the 1990s. Students will demonstrate their learning through class discussions, quizzes, essays, exams, and group and individual projects.


Course Materials* (due one week after school begins):

Pack of dividers with tabs (at least 8) to divide US History section of 3” binder

Flashcards (Whatever size you want to use. You will need at least 300 throughout the year.)

100-page spiral notebook for in-class writing practice

AP US History Study Book (5 Steps to a 5, Barron’s, REA, etc.) - optional

Textbook: America: Past and Present, Ninth Edition (provided by school)

*Should course materials prove to be a financial burden, please discuss with Mrs. Tsai in private.


Gradebook structure:

The gradebook will include 100% assessment grades (Unit Portfolio Checks, Quizzes, Exams, Socratic Seminars, One-Pagers, Essays, Projects, Presentations, etc.) and students will receive letter grades on the following scale: 100-90 = A, 89-80 = B, 79-70 = C, 69 and below = F


Course Expectations:

-       Students are responsible for reading and learning approximately 1-2 chapters per week from their text or from supplemental readings. Readings will be broken down into 8-20 page chunks which students will take notes on outside of class. Reading quizzes will take place once per week.

-       Students will come to class each day, prepared to learn, and with the required materials.

-       Students will actively participate in class discussions, collaborate with their peers, and show respect for their teacher, peers, and classroom.

-       Students will stay on task in group work and maintain discipline in their own individual work time

-       Students will regularly access the course website: https://sites.google.com/site/tsaihistory/

-       Students will not use profanity or put-downs.

-       Students will submit a Unit Portfolio in their 3-ring binder to be checked on the day of each exam. This portfolio is to include all work (Notes, quizzes, study guides, etc.) for the unit.

-       Students will be responsible for finding out the work they have missed (from the participation calendar, course website, or another student) in the rare event of an absence. Missed exams and quizzes may not be made up unless arrangements are made prior to the testing time. Participation points may not be made up. If students are absent without notice on the day that a project/paper is due, the assignment must be emailed on that day or brought in by a parent or other student or arrangements must be made with the teacher to turn it in at a future date.

-       Students will not plagiarize or copy another student’s work. All work submitted must be the student’s original work or include source information if using quotes/facts from another author.

-       Students will take the 3.5 hour A.P.U.S.History Exam on May 11, 2012 and will kick its butt, thereby earning themselves college credit and major bragging rights. J


I will follow all school rules in addition to meeting Mrs. Tsai’s expectations for A.P.U.S.History course.


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