TSA Agent

We all know the TSA sucks. I made a game about it.

Download TSA Agent!

Is this safe for work? Yes and no. When you run the game you can choose to run censored or not. Uncensored contains cartoon nudity, while censored has it blocked. But there is a little adult humor in the game as well. There's no profanity.

Is this safe for kids? Read the question above. It's ultimately your responsibility to determine whats appropriate for your child. If in doubt play it yourself, first.

Is this fun? Not really. But you might have a few good laughs. Honestly there isn't much 'game' here. It's more of a political statement, I suppose. Maybe you'll have fun trying to find all of the achievements?

How do I play? The security camera shows the line outside the scanning machine. Once someone enters the machine, use the terminal to activate the x-ray machine and inspect the traveller. The rest is for you to figure out.