Born in Israel
Lives and works in New York 


2010 MFA Columbia University School of the Arts, New York.
2004 B.Ed "Hamidrasha" School of Arts, Beit-Berl, Israel.


2013    showtimecurated by Hadas Maor, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel (3 Person)
2012    Propagation, Thierry-Goldberg Gallery, New York. 
2010    Sweat, Tel Aviv Museum of Art – The Nathan Gottesdiener Foundation finalists, Tel Aviv.
2008    Night Falls, Pianissimo Gallery, Milan, Italy.
2007    Encore, Art statements, Art Basel 38, Switzerland.
             Encore, Dvir Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
2006    Twilight, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Herzliya, Israel.
2004    More Then This, curated by Yoav Shmueli, Sommer gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel (3 person)


2014 They Sicken Of the Calm Who Know The Storm, curated by Maureen Sullivan, Fridman Gallery, NYC
2013 Dead In August, curated by Meaghan Kent, on the Lilac, New York
          Thanks, stollen/curated by Adam Parker Smith, Lu Magnes Gallery, NYC
2012  Closer, Spinello Projects, Miami.
           Perfect Lovers, Curated by Anthony Spinello, White Box Gallery, New York. 
           The Big Masonite, Curated by Liz Hagag, Sommer Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
           Opulent Vision, Ford Project, NY
2011  Uncommon Places, Curated by Pieter Vermeulen, Extracity, Antwerp, Belgium.
           Norfolk, Thierry-Goldberg gallery, New York, NYC.
           Experimental, Curated by Yair Vardi, Tmuna theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel.
           Nine People Monkeys, Curated by Liz Hagag, Allenby Passage, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
           Heading for a Fall: the art of  entropy, Curated by Tim Goossens, Ford Project, NYC.
           Involuntary, Curated by Neville Wakefield, Ford Project, NYC.
Paul Thek Says Make A Monkey Out Of Clay, Curated by Rirkrit Tiravanija, Miami design
               district, Miami Basel, Miami.
           New Panorama, Pianissimo gallery, Milan, Italy.
           Greater New York, curated by klaus Biesenbach, Connie Butler, Neville Wakefield,
               Moma/P.S.1, New York.
           The Young Israelis, Curated by Lilly Wei, Leslley Heller Workspace, New York.
           Sweat, Columbia University, Fisher Landau Center, Long Island City, New York.
           JaffaCakes TLV, curated by Yasmine Datnow, Maïa Morgensztern, Lara Wolfe,
               Rove gallery, London.
           Never Can Say Goodbye (No Longer empty), curated by Manon Slome, Steven Evans, Asher
               Remy-Toledo, Former tower Records, NYC.
           A-genre, curated by Yair and Hila Vardi, Tmuna theatre, Tel-Aviv.
2009    History of Violence, curated by Hadas Maor, Haifa Museum of Art, Israel.
           Sweat(1), Focus - Artforum, Berlin, Germany.
           Dark Rooms/Homme Made, curated by Avi Feldman, Daneyal Mahmood Gallery, New York.
           Now Silence, Gallery 39, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
           Become a Member, Spaceship Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
2008    A New Way of Seeing ,Städtische galerie, Bremen, Germany.
           The Bucharest Biennale for Young Artists, curated by Ami Barak, Romania.
           Art Focus, curated by Ami Barak and Bernard Blistene, Jerusalem, Israel.
           Volume(s), curated by Marc Clement and Kevin Muhlen, Casino Luxembourg, Luxembourg.
2007    Dvir Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
           Passing the Batonette, Haifa Museum, Israel.
2006    Artik 8, The University gallery of Tel-Aviv, Israel.
2005    3 Cities Against the Wall, ABC No Rio, New York.
           3 Cities Against the Wall, ABC No Rio, Al Hallaj gallery, Ramallah.
           3 Cities Against the Wall, ABC No Rio, Artist House, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
           League, Hanger 26, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
2005    Gordon gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.


2013   13 Performances on Propagation (Opus 2), Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel
2012   6 Performances in the exhibition Propagation (Opus 1), Thierry Goldberg gallery, New York
2010   Performance on Untitled (Speaker Walls), Moma/PS1, New York.
          Naama Tsabar and Kristin Mueller on Doublesilverburst, Moma/PS1, New York.
2009   Composition 8, performance for 8 musicians at X Initiative, New York.
2008   Composition 24, performance for 24 musicians, Art Focus, Jerusalem, Israel.
2006   Did You Pack Alone?, Stage design for Yair Vardi, Ako Festival, Israel.
          Composition 24, performance for 24 musicians, Herzilyia Museum of Contemporary Art, Israel.


2012 Rema Hort Mann Foundation grantee.
2012 Fountainhead Residency, Miami.
2010 Artis Grant Recipient
2009-2010 Joan Sovern Award, Columbia University, New York.
2008-2010 Artis Fellowship, Columbia University, New York.
2009-2010 America-Israel Cultural Foundation.
2006-2005 America-Israel Cultural Foundation.
2004 The Gordon Gallery Grant.
2002-2005 The Israeli Ministry of Education Outstanding Achievement Award. ­