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This page is Gold Mine for those who are sincerely & seriously after truth. TruthSeekers will find this page one of the most truthful & UNIQUE PAGE of its kind on world wide web, but it may disappoint those stubborn fanatics who are blindly following centuries old well established & deeply rooted fictions & fables that are based on false & forged reports that were in fact never said by our great master Prophet Muhammad (s), and are not mentioned in Kitaab Allah (Glorious Quran), and were never Part of Pure Islam.
Please read the text on the "Buttons" given below, select a topic you are interested in, and click on any of big buttons to open the linked page in your browser. This page could be a invaluable treasury for Honest researchers and it could be one of the worst page for those fanatics who have sent their brains on permanent holiday. Each "Button" will open a page and each that page has many internal links and hundreds of our uploaded files to facilitate readers who want to go further in depth. So please do not miss to visit internal links of each page especially those links that are given at the end of all pages.  (Please read our Declaration at the bottom of this page)
Almost all linked pages are work of our team of scholars which is based on our over three decades hard research work in the field of authentic history and comparative religions covering Islam, In depth analysis in Islamic Sufi Path (Mystic Branch of Islam), Christianity (in fact Roman Paganism), Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Qadianism, Bahai faith, "Submitters-ism", Skhism, Jainism and ++. When me (Chief editor of Truthland) was doctoral student in the faculty of comparative religion in one of the world's top rated Universities, at that time my research was initiated by a set of some important questions: What is the purpose of this life on this planet, what is truth, Has "ONE GOD" really told us to follow hundreds of paths or just ONE PATH?; and which one is the true path that leads to absolute Truthland? What we our team has found, a part of it is being presented below. Our target is to provide you with truthful information which could go even opposite to your already pre-conceived some unsound believes. An honest-mature-mind knows well the borderline of truth and falsehood. It is very clear line. There is no any yellow area between them but a brainwashed fanatic will stuff his thumbs in his both ears and will cry. NO NO NO! I do not want to listen what you are saying; I do not want any change in my false believes. NO NO NO! If buttons on this page do not display fully (due to band width problem). please refresh your page again and again until all buttons appear. Please scroll down this page to read all buttons - Thanks















Our declaration 

It is great to be just Muslim, just MUSLIM, we again say JUST MUSLIM with following statement that usually appears at the beginning of our pages: which is: (No Sunni, No Wahabi, No Shia, No Salfi, No Deo bandi, No Brailvi etc).

Authors of this page are MUSLIMS (does not believe in sects, because, as per Quran, to make sects is a SHIRK) and are neither Qadiani or Ahmadi or Lahori Ahmadi nor follower of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani or Liar Rasheed Khalifia chief of submitter-cult. Authors firmly believe that Muhammad (s) is last prophet and Messenger (Khaatum-NabiYeen) of Allah Subhano HU and Quran is the final revelation of Allah Al-Haadi for whole world. Authors believe that there is ONLY ONE GOD with name ALLAH, Authors believe in all prophets from Adam to Muhammad (S), on all scriptures sent by Allah Aleem-ul-Khabeer (in their original forms only), on Angles, and on the day of Judgment which are essential believes for to be a pious MUSLIM. If any Fanatic Mulla or his faithful brainwashed blind pet declares such type of Devoted Muslim as a Kafir,  he himself along with his blind pet is the biggest Munafik and kafir on this planet. We have discussed in our pages, which factor is responsible for the productions of these Mushrik sects, and there is only one way to dissolve all these sects.
Quran 3:103: "And hold fast, all together, unto the bond with God, and do not create sects amongst you".
Quran 3:105: "And be not like those who have drawn apart from one another and have taken to conflicting views after all evidence of the truth has come unto them: for these it is for whom tremendous suffering is in store".
Quran 6:159: "VERILY, as for those who have broken the unity of their faith and have become sects - thou hast nothing to do with them. Behold, their case rests with God: and in time He will make them understand what they were doing".
Quran 30:32: "Among those who have broken the unity of their faith and have become sects, each group delighting in but what they themselves hold [by way of tenets]".
Can we ask following questions to who support sects in Islam, which is against the commandments of Quran:
What was sect of Prophets Noah, Ibrahim, Ismail, Ishaq, Jacob, Moses, Eisa, Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon all of them); Abu Bakkar, Ummar Khataab, Uthman and Ali (Radi Allah Hu Ta'ala Unhum)? Yes they all used to have ONE SECT that is "MUSLIM". Were they all sunni, wahabi, Brailvi, DeoBandi, Salfi, + + + + etc ?  NO NEVER. They all were ONLY AND ONLY MUSLIMS. The word Muslims, Muslemoon appears again and again in Quran and in all past true scriptures. Have you seen names of a.m sects in Quran and other scriptures? NO Never. Then who made sects? Yes sects were made by Jaahil & stupid Clergy.
Our Dear! Grasp the truth FIRMLY which is:  IT IS GREAT JUST TO BE A MUSLIM AND ONLY MUSLIM.
Please tell your friends to visit this page too, in order to advance the truth.  Allah Kabir-ul-Muta'aal Al-Adal will reward you.

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