We at Ivan's Angels Ministries in Collaboration with Altruistic Organization value your time and committment.  It's for this reason that we offer a number of different training courses, both online and offline, across subject areas such Truth, Love and Character (online) and Every Young Man's and Woman's Battle.

Truth Love and Character

Truth, Love and Character Online is a web-based program for teenagers designed to help them learn more about the importance of intelligent sexual decisions. Based largely off of Pam Stenzel’s book, Sex Has a Price Tag, this online learning program takes teens through 9 informative lessons on how to live a smart sexual life while at the same time allowing them to do many of their favorite activities such as playing interactive games, watching videos and taking relationship quizzes.

Truth, Love and Character is compliant with the Federal A through H Guidelines for Abstinence only education.

Every Young Woman's Battle
Guys Aren’t the Only Ones Fighting a Battle for Purity. The world you live in promotes sex as the answer to just about everything. The pressure to go along with the crowd is greater than ever before, and it’s easy to compromise in little ways that are a lot more harmful than they seem. You and your friends may become caught up in destructive relationships or sexual activities without even knowing how you got there. You just want to be normal–to fit in, to be liked, to look attractive to the opposite sex. But are you paying too high a price?

Every Young Man's Battle
In this world you’re surrounded by sexual images that open the door to temptation. They’re everywhere–on TV, billboards, magazines, music, the internet–and so easy to access that it sometimes feels impossible to escape their clutches. Yet God expects his children to be sexually pure. So how can you survive the relentless battle against temptation? Here’s powerful ammunition. Steve Arterburn and Fred Stoeker, the authors of the hard-hitting best-seller Every Man’s Battle, now focus on the temptations young single Christian men like you face every day–and they offer workable, biblical strategies for achieving sexual purity.