Title: Egypt Forces Raid Gym For Militants, Kill One In Shootout
October 24, 2012

Abstract: A suspected militant detonated an explosive before being shot dead by Egyptian security forces during a raid on a Cairo neighbourhood gym, officials said.

The man was killed as authorities raided the facility which was being used as a hideout, the Cairo Security Directorate said in an e-mailed statement today. The suspect detonated an explosive device in the gym, setting fire to several other apartments in the building, it said.

Security forces found various weapons on the premises, including 17 hand grenades, four rocket-propelled grenade launchers and three automatic rifles, the directorate said.

Authorities have been striking hard at suspected militants after an August attack in Sinai, near the border with Gaza, left 16 border guards dead.

Earlier today, the Interior Ministry said in a statement it intercepted a weapons shipment believed to be from Libya that included 24 rockets, each more than five meters long, as well as two short-range rockets and 102 rocket-propelled grenades. Authorities also found 19 medium-sized barrels laden with explosive compounds, it said (Bloomberg, 2012).