John F. Kennedy (1963)

Assassination of John F. Kennedy
November 22, 1963
Israeli Mossad, Lyndon B. Johnson, George Bush Senior

By using basic deductive reasoning, we can clearly see that the Israeli Mossad is the top suspect in the assassination of John F. Kennedy Jr.

1. Jack Ruby, killer of Lee Harvey Oswald (alleged JFK assassin), was in the Jewish Mafia in Dallas, Texas, and is buried in a Jewish cemetery.

2. JFK was opposed to Israel's new nuclear weapons program (see PDF at bottom of page)

Abraham Zapruder, of the now infamous Zapruder film, was a Jew (Wikipedia, 2011). On 9/11, the entire event was filmed by member of Mossad who stated "Our purpose was to document the event" (YouTube, 2011)

4. It appears that the driver of JFK's limo, William Greer. fired the fatal shot at close range execution style. Consequently, the assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald was then a diversion committed by Jack Ruby, a member of the Jewish Mafia, thus insinuating that the Jewish Mafia was directly involved in the plot.

Whether the Mossad / Jewish Mafia was also complicit in the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy and John F. Kennedy Jr. is a another story.

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