TRUTHER.ORG: An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is a burst of electromagnetic radiation which usually results from a high energy nuclear explosion that suddenly fluctuates the magnetic field. Theoretically, an EMP could wipe out everything electronic (planes, trains, cars, computers, internet, etc.) in a flash. EMP terror has gained popularity of late and has been featured in movies such as “The Matrix” and television shows such as “24” and the #1 show on NBC entitled “Revolution”, which eerily features a post-EMP America with no electricity. Aside from the Hollywood EMP propaganda, there has been recent EMP terror legislation by the U.S. congress, a number of EMP terror conferences, and EMP terror scholarly whitepapers which have all been preparing local, state and federal officials for an upcoming EMP terror attack on America. Based on the 12 major power outages in 2012 alone, it appears that the U.S. government is programming the public for the permanent loss of electricity. Coincidentally, in September of 2012, Alex Jones of Infowars released a new magazine which indicates that the STRATFOR intelligence operation known as Infowars knows that the internet is about to expire and have planned ahead by launching a new propaganda magazine. 

China & EMP Terror
China has been set-up as the EMP terror scapegoat much the same way that it has been set-up as the cyber-terror scapegoat. If the U.S. propaganda is to be believed, China is currently developing EMP weapons and could use them against U.S. aircraft carriers in any future conflict. Aside from China, the U.S. has also publically accused  North Korea of also developing EMP weapons. If and when an EMP terror attack strikes America, there is a high probability that China will ultimately scapegoated and attacked, so long as the American military is able to function post-EMP attack.

Chinese EMP Attack? (2010)
On November 10, 2010, it was reported that a satellite monitoring the western coastal regions of North America detected an “EMP anomalous event” which occurred on November 8, 2010, when a Chinese sub allegedly fired an EMP weapon. According to the report, the Chinese Navy fired an EMP missile on the U.S. based cruise ship “Carnival Splendor resulting in a “catastrophic crippling” that left 4,500 passengers stranded and its crew “dead in the water”. Later that same day on November 8, 2010, a mysterious missile was caught on video flying off the coast of California near Los Angeles, California. The U.S. government denied that they were responsible for the missile, but a Russian report stated that the missile was in fact a BGM-109 (Tomahawk) subsonic cruise missile launched from a US Navy Ohio-Class submarine operating off the coast of California. What exactly happened that day is not clear, but apparently the Chinese attacked the “Carnival Splendor” with an EMP weapon and the U.S. sent up a random missile to distract the world from it.  

EMP Propaganda
Prior to the
Super Bowl XLV nuclear terror plot being foiled, the EMP propaganda indicated that although EMP terror was a potential terror weapon, it was not in play as a viable terror option. However, since the release of The Nuclear Bible, a free ebook which went globally viral exposing the Zionist nuclear terror plot, EMP terror propaganda has virtually tripled and all indications are that EMP terror is currently being plotted and planned. If the EMP propaganda is to be believed, a single EMP could destroy America and the U.S. is in fact very vulnerable to an EMP attack. Should EMP terror strike, it would cause a nightmare worse than 9/11 ultimately resulting in an America with no power, no food, no transportation, no banking and no internet.

EMP Terror Drills
To date, there have been only a handful
of EMP terror drills, but a recent massive and unprecedented “nuclear terror drill” in Russia has drawn red flags for a number of different reason. First off, the nuclear terror scenario was highly exposed and ultimately foiled in 2011, so chances of another staged nuclear terror plot in 2012 is virtually non-existent. Therefore, the gathering of 58 nations to deal with “a simulated aftermath of a nuclear terrorism attack” is absurd, especially considering that the fallout of a nuclear terror attack would not directly affect 58 nations. It is far more likely that the 58 nations were drilling for the simulated aftermath of an EMP nuclear terror attack because the permanent loss of electricity in one nation would directly affect business, communication, energy media, travel, and a host of other electrical dependent sectors in other nations as well.

Planes & EMP Terror
On April 1, 2009, it was reported that counterterrorism analysts warned that
EMP weapons capable of frying the electronics in civil airliners could be built using information and components available on the net. According to the report, all it would take to bring a plane down would be “a single but highly energetic microwave radio pulse blasted from a device inside a plane, or on the ground and trained at an aircraft coming in to land”. The same exact scenario of planes dropping like flies from the sky originally depicted by counterterrorism analysts in 2009 came to fruition in 2012 and is featured in the EMP terror television show entitled “Revolution”. Interestingly, in October of 2012, American Airlines has pulled 47 planes due to malfunctioning seats and 17 flights were diverted from Manila's international airport due to an alleged air traffic equipment “glitch”. What role these 64 planes will play in the wake of a cyber-terror attack is unknown, but there is a real possibility that these planes have been remotely “programmed” to lose all power and drop to earth on a future date.