Japanese Terror Scares

Title: Flights Canceled At Japanese Airport After Unexploded Shell Discovered
October 30, 2012

Abstract: Dozens of flights were canceled in and out of a northeastern Japanese city on Tuesday after construction workers came across an unexploded shell believed to be from World War II buried near a taxiway.

Airport authorities in Sendai said they had canceled all 92 flights, national and international, scheduled to use the airport Tuesday after the discovery of the shell late Monday under an unpaved area beside the taxiway.

Members of the Japanese Self Defense Force are working to remove the ordinance, which is thought to be a U.S.-made bomb dropped during World War II, the airport said, adding that officials hope flights will be able to resume Wednesday.

The device still has a fuse, which raises the risk that it could explode, and is approximately 110 centimeters (43 inches) long and 35 centimeters wide, authorities said.

Sendai is still recovering and rebuilding after the devastating earthquake and tsunami that killed thousands of people and caused widespread destruction across northeastern Japan in March 2011.

The city is the largest in the region of Tohoku, which bore the brunt of the natural disasters. The damage to its airport was widely documented in images that emerged in the aftermath of the quake and tsunami (CNN, 2012).

Title: Foam Covers Street In Tokyo, Japan
November 1, 2012
My Fox Philly

Firefighters in Tokyo, Japan were waste deep in foam after a truck driver accidentally hit a pipe connected to a fire sprinkler.

Crews had to shovel, kick and pour water on the foam just to try to clear the area.

The mess took nearly two-and-a-half hours to clean.

Police say no one was injured (My Fox Philly, 2012).

Title: Bomb From WWII Safely Removed From Japan Airport
  November 13, 2012
Fox News

A military squad has safely removed a 550 pound (250-kilogram) World War II bomb found two weeks ago near the runway of a major airport in northern Japan.

The team defused the rusty bomb Wednesday and then transported it away from Sendai Airport. More than 30 flights were canceled while they worked.

Sendai Airport was heavily damaged by last year's tsunami and the bomb was uncovered in construction related to its restoration. The airport was immediately closed, but troops piled hundreds of sandbags around the bomb so that flights could resume the next day.

The airport was closed again Wednesday morning as the bomb was removed.

The United States heavily bombed Japanese cities during World War II, and finding unexploded bombs is not unusual, even 67 years after Japan's surrender (Fox News, 2012).

Title: At Least 7 Missing After Japan Tunnel Collapse
Date: December 2, 2012
Fox News

Abstract: At least seven people were feared missing after parts of a tunnel collapsed Sunday on a highway west of Tokyo, trapping vehicles as smoke from a fire inside initially prevented rescuers from approaching.

Video footage from cameras inside the tunnel, after the fire was extinguished, showed firefighters picking their way through cement roof panels that collapsed onto vehicles inside the Sasago Tunnel, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) outside the city. However, local media reported rescuers had suspended work out of fears of another collapse in the tunnel.

A woman who escaped from her rental car after it was trapped in the (2.5 mile) 4.3 kilometer-long tunnel told authorities that she was unsure about the condition of five other people who had been in the vehicle with her. Another two vehicles were known to be buried in the rubble, suggesting at least seven people were trapped inside, according to a statement by the Fire and Disaster Management Agency.

It said two people were confirmed injured, one of them moderately.

The cause in the collapse of about 330 feet (100 meters) of the tunnel was under investigation.

Police vehicles, fire trucks and ambulances were massed outside the tunnel's entrance. A man who said he saw the collapse and alerted authorities to the emergency told NHK television he managed to escape after he was ordered to flee. The roof and windows of another vehicle parked on the roadside outside the tunnel were crushed, and the injured occupants reportedly taken to a hospital (Fox News, 2012).