African News

Title: Kenya Bombs Somali Airport Held By Militants
September 25, 2012
Fox News

Abstract: The Kenyan military says its jets have bombed an airport in Somalia -- the last major city in the country held by extremist insurgents who are fighting African Union troops.

Kenya's military said Tuesday that its bombing of the Somali port city of Kismayo destroyed a warehouse and armory belonging to the Islamist militant group al-Shabab, which controls the city. Al-Shabab said on Twitter, however, that the three bombs which hit the airport didn't cause any casualties or losses.

Claims about fighting in Somalia are difficult to verify.

Kismayo is the main remaining stronghold of the Al Qaeda-linked al-Shabab. The group, considered terrorists by the United States and others, is waging an insurgency against the U.N.-backed Somali government, which is being bolstered by African troops including forces from Kenya (Fox News, 2012).

Title: State Radio Says Air Zimbabwe To Resume International Flights To Meet IATA Ban Deadline
October 23, 2012
Fox News

Abstract: Zimbabwe state radio says the nation's indebted airline plans to resume international flights by Oct. 31 to avert an IATA ban on flying foreign routes.

The radio reported Tuesday that Air Zimbabwe this month took delivery of two Airbus aircraft to replace its aging Boeings and meet safety standards.

The International Air Transport Association had given the carrier a three-month deadline to comply with safety standards or be barred from international airports and airspace.

State radio quoted airline officials saying "everything is on course" to resume international flights that were grounded earlier this year after a series of pilots' strikes and debts soared to more than $140 million.

The radio says China has been linked to a possible bailout plan. An official announcement by the airline is expected soon (Fox News, 2012).