Airplane Crashes

Title: Italian Court: Missile Caused 1980 Plane Crash
January 28, 2013

Abstract: Italy's top criminal court has ruled there is "abundantly" clear evidence that a stray missile caused an Italian passenger jet to crash into the Mediterranean Sea in 1980, killing all 81 people aboard.

Quoting from the Rome ruling on Monday, the Italian news agency LaPresse said the court upheld a Palermo appeals ruling that Italian radar systems didn't adequately protect the skies and Italy must compensate the victims' families.

What caused the Itavia DC-9 to crash during a flight from Bologna to Palermo has been one of Italy's enduring mysteries.

Some theorized a bomb exploded. Others contended the jet was caught in the crossfire of a military aerial dogfight, with a Libyan plane possibly the target. French, U.S. and NATO officials have denied military activity in the skies that night (Guardian, 2013).

Title: Scientists Who Helped Iran With Nuke Plant Died In Russian Plane Crash
June 23, 2011
Fox News

Abstract: Five scientists killed in Monday's Russian plane crash assisted in the development of Iran's nuclear plant, Russian security sources told the Daily Mail.

Scientists Andrei Tropinov, Sergei Rizhov, Gennadi Benyok, Nicolai Tronov and Valery Lyalin worked at the Bushehr nuclear power plant and helped to complete construction of it.

The five scientists were employed at the Hydropress factory, a member of Russia's state nuclear corporation, according to

Russian officials say there was no foul play in the plane crash that killed 45 people despite other similar accidents and plane crashes involving Iranian nuclear scientists.

"Although Iranian nuclear scientists have in the past been involved in unexplained accidents and plane crashes, there is no official suspicion of foul play," a Russian source told the Associated Press.

Russian investigators say that human error and technical malfunction caused the deadly crash.

Eight passengers survived the crash (Fox News, 2011).

Small Plane Crashes Into Florida Publix Store
April 4, 2012

Abstract: "Multiple people" were injured after a small plane crashed into an Orlando area Publix supermarket Monday evening, the Volusia County Sheriff's Office said.

"All customers were evacuated safely and all Publix associates are accounted for," Publix spokesman Dwaine Stevens said.

The store remained closed late Monday.

The first calls about the incident in DeLand, Florida, about 35 miles outside of Orlando, came about 7:20 p.m., Officer Brandon Haught with the Volusia County Sheriff's Office said. Authorities were on the scene within minutes, officials added.

There was some "structural damage to the store's roof," Stevens said, but little else was affected.

Aerial video from local Orlando affiliate WFTV showed nearly a dozen emergency crew vehicles responding to the scene.

Two victims, both with third-degree burns, were being treated at the scene, according to CNN affiliate WESH, which cited Volusia County Sheriff's Office officials (CNN, 2012).

Title: Jet Airplane Crash In Pakistan Likely Kills All 127 On Board
Date: April 20, 2012
Source: Fox News

Abstract: Emergency workers with flashlights searched the smoldering wreckage of a passenger jet carrying 127 people that crashed into a muddy wheat field Friday while trying to land in a violent thunderstorm at Islamabad's main airport.

The government said there appeared to be no survivors in the crash of the Boeing 737-200 near Benazir Bhutto International Airport -- the second major air disaster in the Pakistani capital in less than two years.

Sobbing relatives of those aboard the Bhoja Air flight from Karachi to Islamabad rushed to airports in both cities for news of their loved ones.

One rescue official asked residents to bring sheets to cover the remains of the dead, and smashed seats and other wreckage was spread over a wide area near the airport, along with clothing and jewelry belonging to passengers.

Bhoja Air, a domestic carrier that has just four planes, only resumed operations last month after suspending them in 2001 due to financial difficulties.

Bhoja administrative director Javed Ishaq told reporters and relatives of those on board that the jet was in good condition and was brought down by "heavy winds."

"The aircraft was in good shape. This came from God," said Ishaq, speaking at the airport in Karachi, Pakistan's largest city. As he spoke, relatives of those aboard who had come to the airport jeered him and demanded to be flown to Islamabad to collect the bodies of their loved ones.

The plane had been given clearance to land, said an air traffic controller who did not give his name because he was not authorized to speak to the media. A violent thunderstorm was lashing Islamabad at the time of the crash, about 6:40 p.m. local time.

"It was really bad weather for a flight," said navy Capt. Arshad Mahmood, who lives near the crash site. "The pilot was forced to move down to avoid clouds that were generating the lightning and thunder."

Islamabad police chief Bani Yameen said nobody on the ground was reported killed, "but apparently all on board perished." Civil aviation officials also said survivors were highly unlikely, according to Defense Minister Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar.

"My brother's wife was on board this flight," said Naveed Khan. "We pray for the departed souls. What else can we do now?"

TV footage showed wreckage that included parts of what looked like an engine and a wing against the wall of a small building. Rescuers worked in the dark, with many using flashlights as they combed the area. Fleets of ambulances arrived later, their lights flashing in the gloom.

Several farmers threshing wheat in the field nearby said they saw the aircraft burst into flames when it hit the ground.

"The flames leapt up like they were touching the sky," said Mohammad Zubair.

The army declared an emergency and cordoned off the crash site.

"I saw nothing but body parts and twisted metal on the ground when I reached the scene," said resident named Mustafa, who did not identify himself further.

He said residents collected the remains of the dead "and bundled them in cloth sheets like we collect grain."

In a statement, the Boeing Co. extended its condolences to the families of the victims and offered technical assistance to Pakistan's Civil Aviation Authority in investigating the crash.

The last major plane crash in the country -- and Pakistan's worst -- occurred in July 2010 when an Airbus A321 aircraft operated by domestic carrier Airblue crashed into the hills overlooking Islamabad, killing all 152 people aboard. A government investigation blamed the pilot for veering off course amid stormy weather.

Bhoja Air started domestic operations in Pakistan in 1993 and eventually expanded to international flights to the United Arab Emirates in 1998. The company suspended operations in 2001 due to financial difficulties but resumed them in 2012 (Fox News, 2012).

Title: Plane Crashes At Double Eagle Airport
Date: September 25, 2012

Abstract: The pilot of a home-built airplane escaped injury Tuesday when a gust of wind blew the craft off the runway as he was landing at Double Eagle II Airport in Albuquerque.

The pilot, whose name has not been released, was on his third approach for landing when the crash happened, Daniel Jiron of the city of Albuqurque's Aviation Department said.

The pilot was making a fuel stop at about 2:15 p.m. and is not from Albuquerque, Jiron added.

There was no fire, but he plane is believed to be a total loss. As a home-built plane, it was registered as an experimental aircraft.

The crash occurred off Runway 17, and the airport remained open with traffic using Runway 04/22.

Officials are awaiting the Federal Aviation Administration to further investigate the crash and remove the plane.

Double Eagle II Airport is on Albuquerque's northwest mesa (KASA News, 2012).

Title: Plane Crashes Near Everest Region, Kills 19
Date: September 28, 2012
Fox News

Abstract: A plane carrying trekkers to the Mount Everest region hit a bird and crashed just after takeoff Friday in Nepal's capital, killing the 19 Nepali, British and Chinese people on board, authorities said.

The pilot of the domestic Sita Air flight reported trouble two minutes after takeoff and appeared to have been trying to turn back, said Katmandu airport official Ratish Chandra Suman. The crash site is only 500 meters (547 yards) from the airport, and the wrecked plane was pointing toward the airport area. Suman said the plane hit a vulture just after it took off, causing the crash.

Suman said he could not confirm whether the plane was already on fire before it crashed. Cellphone video shot by locals showed that the front section of the plane was on fire when it first hit the ground and that the pilot apparently had attempted to land the plane on open ground beside a river.

The fire quickly spread to the rear, but the tail was still in one piece at the scene near the Manohara River on the southwest edge of Katmandu. Villagers were unable to approach the plane because of the fire, and it took some time for firefighters to reach the area and bring the fire under control.

Soldiers and police sifted through the crash wreckage looking for bodies and documents to help identify the victims. Seven passengers were British and five were Chinese; the other four passengers and the three crew members were from Nepal, authorities said.

Large numbers of local people and security forces gathered at the crash site. The victims' charred bodies were taken by vans to a hospital morgue.

Relatives of the Nepalese victims cried as they gathered at the Tribhuwan University Teaching Hospital in Katmandu, where all the victims' bodies were taken.

The weather in Katmandu and surrounding areas was clear Friday morning, and the plane was one of the first of the day to take off from Katmandu's Tribhuwan International Airport. Other flights reported no problems, and the airport remained open and operated normally after the crash.

The plane was heading for Lukla, the gateway to Mount Everest. Thousands of Westerners make treks in the region around the world's highest peak each year. Autumn is considered the best time to trek the foothills of the Himalayan peaks.

Airline officials identified the British crash victims as Raymond Eagle, 58, Christopher Franc Davey, 51, Vincent Kelly, 52, Darren Kelly, 45, Timothy Oakes, 57, Stephen Holding, 60, and Benjamin Ogden, 27.

The Nepalese passengers were identified as Kumar Marshyangdi Magar, Lakpa Noru Sherpa, D. Rai and M.K. Tamang. The crew members were pilot Bijay Tandukar, co-pilot Takashi Thapa and hostess Ruju Shakya.

China's government-run Xinhua News Agency identified the Chinese victims as Wu-Hui, Qian-Mingwu, Wu-Lin, Wang-Jhihua and Yang-Chen.

Nepal, with its poor-quality mountain roads and network of little airports, has a long history of small plane crashes. Including Friday's crash, there have been at least six crashes of small planes since October 2008.

The crash follows an avalanche on another Nepal peak Sunday that killed seven foreign climbers and a Nepali guide (Fox News, 2012).

Title: Two Dead In Virginia Small Plane Crash
Date: September 29, 2012
Fox News

Abstract: Police say two people have died in a small plane crash in Virginia's Spotsylvania County.

The Free Lance-Star reports the blue-and-white plane had just taken off from Shannon Airport on Saturday evening when it crashed. A witness said it went straight up in a vertical climb and then corkscrewed into the ground. The fixed-wing aircraft landed in the River Heights Mobile Home Park.

Virginia State Police spokeswoman Corinne Geller says no one on the ground was injured. She said in an email that there were two confirmed fatalities.

Shannon Airport is a general aviation airport that only serves small planes and has no commercial flights.

Police have notified the National Transportation Safety Board. Spotsylvania County is located about 75 miles southwest of Washington (Fox News, 2012).

Title: Fatal Plane Crash Reported In Rowan County
Date: September 30, 2012
MyFox 8

Abstract: Officials said a fatal plane crash occurred Sunday afternoon in Rowan County.

Deputies said the wreck occurred shortly before 6 p.m. near Shaw’s Mobile Home Park, off Old Stone House Road near the Town of Granite Quarry.

Deputies said the wreck involved an ultralight experimental aircraft occupied by one pilot who died at the scene. The identity of the victim has not been released.

Rowan County deputies said the FAA was notified and will conduct an investigation of the crash on Monday morning. No other information on the investigation was released (MyFox 8, 2012).

Title: At Least One Dead When Small Plane Crashes In Indiana
Date: October 3, 2012
Fox News

Abstract:  Authorities say at least 1 person has died after a single-engine plane crashed Wednesday morning into a wooded area about a mile from the Gary airport

Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Elizabeth Isham Cory says the number of people dying in the crash is "in flux" after earlier stating the plane carried only one person and that person had died.

She says the Cirrus SR22 aircraft crashed south of the Gary/Chicago International Airport after departing Smyrna, Tenn., Wednesday morning.

Gary police spokesman Commander Sean Jones says the plane crashed in a wooded area about 400 to 500 yards from the nearest structure.

The FAA says the plane is registered to Gandy AIR LLC in St. Augustine, Fla. A phone call to the business rang unanswered Wednesday afternoon (Fox News, 2012).

Title: 13 Killed, 9 Injured In Military Plane Crash In Sudan: State Media
Date: October 17, 2012

Abstract: A total of 13 passengers were killed Sunday and nine others injured when a Sudanese military plane crashed west of Omdurman city near the capital Khartoum, official SUNA news agency reported.

The Antonov 12, on a mission from Khartoum to El Fasher, carrying 16 people in addition to 6 crew members -- all of them military personnel, crashed in Omdurman city, east of Khartoum, Al- Sawarmy Khalid Saad, Sudanese military spokesman, was quoted as saying.

A total of 13 people on board died immediately and nine others were injured and transferred to a hospital, the spokesman said.

"The plane's crash was due to a technical fault," he said, adding that the pilot first reported a stoppage of one of the plane's engines and then the second one.

The plane crashed at an area some 40 km west of Omdurman city while the pilot was trying to make an emergency landing, according to the spokesman.

Earlier, a security source told Xinhua that the crash might have killed at least 17 people, but he could not confirm on that.

There have been repeated Sudanese plane crashes recently, the last of which in El Fasher, capital of Sudan's North Darfur State a few days ago, when an Antonov plane swerved from the runway with no loss of lives.

In August, a Sudanese civil plane, carrying a ministerial delegation, crashed in Sudan's South Kordofan State, killing all 31 passengers on board, including the Sudanese minister of guidance and endowments (Xinhau, 2012).

Title: Plane Crash In Caldwell County; Pilot Dies
November 1, 2012
My Fox Austin

According to DPS, a twin-engine airplane crashed in Caldwell County Thursday morning, killing the pilot.

At around 6:08 a.m., DPS received a call through 911 reporting that a plane had crashed in the area near Gary Job Corps.

DPS told FOX 7 that the plane took off from the San Marcos airport on a test flight. The plane was in the process of landing when witnesses allegedly heard the engine sputtering. Shortly after, the plane went down in a ball of fire, according to nearby witnesses. The pilot, the only passenger in the plane, was killed in the crash.

Authorities with the FAA are on their way to the scene to conduct an investigation.

Stay tuned to FOX 7 for more information on this story as we get it (My Fox Austin, 2012).

Title: Plane Crashes Near Shaver Lake; One Dead
November 11, 2012
KMPH 26 News

Authorities say at least one person is dead after a small plane crashed near Shaver Lake.

The plane went down around 7:30 p.m. Saturday, about 150 yards from the intersection of Nevins and Dinkey Creek Road.

Fresno County sheriff's deputies said the body of one person was found inside the plane.

It's not known how many people were on board.

Search and rescue crews were called in to look for any other victims or survivors, sheriff's spokesman Chris Curtice said.

The twin engine plane took off from Salinas Saturday evening and was on its way to Nebraska, officials said.

Deputies were able to get the aircraft's tail number from the wreckage, and after contacting the State Office of Emergency Services they were advised that the plane had been missing, Curtice said.

The NTSB and FAA have been notified of the crash.

Stay with KMPH News and as we continue to follow this story (KMPH 26 News, 2012).

Title: 3 Mississippi Pilots Die In Crash On Way To FAA Safety Conference
November 14, 2012
Fox News

The three pilots had just taken off from the Hawkins Field Airport when the single-engine plane they were flying to a Federal Aviation Administration safety conference less than 30 miles away began to falter.

A Jackson police officer looked up in the sky and saw the Piper PA-32 "spitting and sputtering" like it was out of fuel. The plane's owner is a budding pilot whose own life was spared when he decided to go deer hunting instead of flying Tuesday afternoon.

'We had three great men who lost their lives. I just want to wake up in a while and say, `This didn't happen." -Roger Latham, a co-owner of the plane

WLBT reports that Michele Latham, who owns the plane with her husband Roger, identified two of the people on board as John Tilton Jr. and W.C. Young. She did not identify the third person but said all three men were pilots.

Roger Latham, who is 15 hours away from getting his pilot's license, told The Associated Press Tilton was his flight instructor.

"We had three great men who lost their lives," he added. "I just want to wake up in a while and say, `This didn't happen."'

Michele Latham told the station the men were traveling to a Federal Aviation Administration safety conference. The couple's daughter Emily said that her father was supposed to go on the trip as well, but changed his plans.

"He went hunting," she told WLBT. "Thank God."

One of the aviators asked for permission to return to the airport, but just minutes later the plane went down. It crashed through trees before slamming into a house that quickly caught fire.

A deputy fire chief told WJTV-TV that one person escaped the burning home with minor injuries.

The plane had just departed Hawkins Field Airport headed for Raymond, Mississippi, for the conference just 25 miles away. Roger Latham said his plane had been parked in a hangar for a month and they wanted to take it out for a short flight before he flew it to Gulf Shores, Alabama, for the Thanksgiving holiday. Latham said he had owned the plane for 2 1/2 years and described it as being in mint condition.

The plane took off at 5:10 p.m. and shortly after, the pilot asked for permission to return to the airport, according to a news release issued by the Jackson Municipal Airport Authority. The plane was unable to return and crashed.

Vivian Payne, who lives about six blocks from the crash site, said she heard a loud bang that sounded different from an electrical transformer blowing.

"It shook the walls of my house," Payne said as she stood among ambulances, police cars and fire trucks, their lights flashing in the chilly night air.

The National Transportation Safety Board along with the FAA will be investigating the cause of the crash.

A hospital spokesman says one patient from the scene was in good condition at University of Mississippi Medical Center. He would not give details citing privacy laws (Fox News, 2012).

Title: F-22 Crashes At Florida Air Force Base
November 15, 2012
Fox News

An F-22 jet crashed at Tyndall Air Force Base near Panama City, Fla., on Thursday, Fox News confirms.

The pilot ejected safely before the crash and is currently under medical supervision, according to statement released by the base. First responders are on the scene.

The incident forced Highway 98 to close temporarily.

There is no immediate indication of what caused the crash, but the incident is being investigated.

The Air Force has been trying to address problems with the $190 million aircraft for several years. In 2008, pilots began reporting a sharp increase in hypoxia-like problems, forcing the Air Force to finally acknowledge concerns about the F-22's oxygen supply system. Two years later, the oxygen system contributed to a fatal crash. Though pilot error ultimately was deemed to be the cause, the fleet was grounded for four months in 2011.

New restrictions were imposed in May, after two F-22 pilots went on the CBS program "60 Minutes" to express their continued misgivings. The Air Force has said the F-22 is safe to fly -- a dozen of the jets began a six-month deployment to Japan in July -- but flight restrictions that remain in place will keep it out of the high-altitude situations where pilots' breathing is under the most stress.

Internal documents and emails obtained by The Associated Press earlier this year show Air Force experts actually proposed a range of solutions by 2005, including adjustments to the flow of oxygen into pilot's masks. But that key recommendation was rejected by military officials reluctant to add costs to a program that was already well over budget (Fox News, 2012).

Title: Small Plane Crashes After Takeoff In Maine, Killing 3
November 16, 2012
Fox News

A small plane hit a truck on the runway during takeoff and crashed into the woods near the Knox County Regional Airport, killing three people, authorities said Saturday.

The plane went down Friday evening on the runway, caught fire and continued on about 200 to 300 yards into the woods beyond the runway, authorities said. With flames shooting 10 to 20 feet in the air, the first people to the scene tried unsuccessfully to pull one of the occupants from the burning wreckage, which sent smoke billowing into the sky, said John Newcomb, president of the Downeast Air airline services company, who went to the scene to try to help.

The Cessna 172 was heading north on the runway during takeoff shortly before 5 p.m. when it struck a pickup truck that was crossing the runway, according to the Knox County sheriff's office. The plane continued to climb and as it turned to the east, it spiraled downward into the woods and immediately burst into flames, sheriff's officials said.

The four-seat plane was destroyed by flames, so there was no way to see its identifying number, airport manager Jeff Northgraves said.

The bodies were still at the crash site late Friday. Officials were working to confirm the identities of the three people aboard.

Northgraves said the truck was authorized to be on the airport grounds and was driven by a pilot. He would not identify the driver but said it was not a county vehicle, nor a county employee.

All trucks at the airport are equipped with radios to pick up any traffic from planes, Northgraves said. He said planes are required to radio their positions before, during and after takeoff. He said it wasn't known yet whether the plane that crashed had radioed its actions.

The flames were hot enough to pop the airplane's tires and to keep would-be rescuers away from the airplane, Newcomb said. Firefighters had to carry fire extinguishers to the scene of the crash because they could not get their trucks close enough.

An investigator from the Federal Aviation Administration arrived at the crash site Friday night, Northgraves said. National Transportation Safety Board officers were expected to arrive Saturday to join in the investigation.

The airport has two commercial carriers, but the plane that crashed was believed to be privately owned, officials said. The skies were clear at the time with light winds, according to the National Weather Service said.

The airport was the site of the deadliest commercial airplane crash in Maine history. More than a dozen passengers and two pilots were killed in 1979 when a de Havilland Twin Otter turboprop crashed short of the runway in foggy weather. There was only one survivor, a 16-year-old boy (Fox News, 2012).

Title: Antioch Dad, Teen Daughter Killed In Wis. Plane Crash
November 19, 2012

An Antioch man and his teenage daughter have been identified as the victims killed in a small plane crash in southern Wisconsin Sunday.

Todd Parfitt, 50, and his daughter, Nicole Parfitt, 14, were riding in the single-engine Grumman AA1 when it crashed just short of the runway at the Burlington Airport at about 1:30pm Sunday.

Witnesses say the plane was trying to land when it crashed and they say it's nose went straight down into a field. Both victims were thrown from the plane.

FAA spokeswomen Lynn Lunsford said the Burlington airport has no control tower, and the pilot was not in contact with air traffic controllers when the plane went down in a cornfield.

The FAA is now investigating the crash (WGNTV, 2012).

Title: Egypt: Pilot Killed In MiG-21 Fighter Jet Crash Near Southern Town
November 21, 2012
Fox News

Egyptian security officials say a fighter plane has crashed near the southern city of Aswan, killing the pilot.

Officials say the Russian-made MiG-21 jet crashed while on a training flight Wednesday in an agricultural area north of Aswan. Fire fighters rushed to put out the blaze caused by the crash and cordoned off the site.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to brief reporters. They did not give the cause of the crash.

The Russian-made MiG warplanes were once the backbone of Egypt's air force. They began to be replaced in the 1980s and 1990s by U.S.-made fighter jets such as the F-16 (Fox News, 2012).

Title: Military Cargo Plane Catches Fire, Crashes In Yemeni Capital; 10 Killed
November 21, 2012

A small military cargo plane crashed in the Yemeni capital on Wednesday, killing all 10 passengers, the country's defense ministry said.

The plane caught fire shortly after taking off from Sanaa International Airport, airport officials said. The crew tried to head back to the airport, but the plane crashed near a public market in the Hasaba area of Sanaa.

The defense ministry said passengers were on a pilot training mission, with the head pilot instructing trainees from the government's armed forces.

The cause of the fire -- and subsequent crash -- is under investigation, Sanaa government official Abdul Qader Hilal said (CNN, 2012).

Title: Passengers Survive After Plane Ditches In Indian Ocean
November 28, 2012

Abstract: A passenger plane crashed into the Indian Ocean shortly after takeoff Tuesday from an airport in Moroni, Comoros Islands, a government official said.

All 29 people on board the Inter-Iles Air flight survived the crash and were helped back to land by nearby fishermen, said Abu Mohammed Ali, acting director general of civil aviation for the Comoros Islands.

The plane was bound for Anjouan, another island in the Comoros, Ali said.

The pilot realized there was a problem with the plane shortly after takeoff and tried to turn back to the airport but didn't make it, Ali said. The pilot instead ditched in the ocean.

An investigation is under way into the cause of the crash (CNN, 2012).

Title: Shaver Lake Plane Crash: NTSB Releases More Info.
December 3, 2012

Abstract: On November 10, 2012, about 1920 Pacific standard time, a Cessna 421C, N700EM, impacted terrain following an in-flight breakup near Shaver Lake, California. The private pilot was operating the airplane under the provisions of 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 91. The pilot and passenger sustained fatal injuries. The airplane sustained substantial damaged during the accident sequence, and was partially consumed by post impact fire. The cross-country flight departed Salinas Municipal Airport, Salinas, California, about 1835, with a planned destination of Eppley Airfield, Omaha, Nebraska. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed, and an instrument flight rules (IFR) flight plan had been filed.

Preliminary radar and voice communication data provided by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) revealed the airplane departing Salinas on a heading of 060 degrees magnetic towards the Clovis VOR (very high frequency omni-directional radio range). The airplane reached Clovis coincident to attaining its stated cruise altitude of 27,000 feet, and the pilot reported to air traffic control personnel that he had leveled off. The controller responded, and the target began a 15-degree turn to the left. For the next 5 minutes, the airplane continued at the same altitude and heading, with no further transmissions from the pilot. The airplane then began a descending turn to the right, with a final radar target recorded 60 seconds later. During that period, it descended to 22,600 feet, with an accompanying increase in ground speed from 190 to 350 knots. For the following 6 minutes, a 5-mile-long cluster of primary targets (no altitude information) was observed emanating from the airplane's last location, on a heading of about 150 degrees.

The town of Shaver Lake is located on the western foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, within the confines of the Sierra National Forest, at an elevation of about 5,600 feet. The main wreckage, which consisted of the cabin, inboard wings, both engines, tailcone, and vertical stabilizer, came to rest upside down on a heading of 125 degrees within a rocky outcropping, located about 1-mile southeast of the town.

The site was at an elevation of about 5,700 feet, and surrounded by trees ranging in height from 50 to 150 feet; none of the trees sustained damage. The entire lower portion of the main cabin was consumed by fire from the forward through to the rear bulkhead. The inboard right wing and engine nacelle sustained vertical crush damage, and remained partially attached to the cabin. The left inboard wing was partially consumed by fire, and along with the left engine nacelle, sustained similar crush damage.

The debris field continued on a bearing of about 150 degrees. The left and right wing, outboard of the engine nacelle, were located 2,500 and 3,200 feet, respectively, from the main wreckage. The right elevator tip and left horizontal stabilizer aft spar were located 1,000 and 1,700 feet further downrange (KMPH News, 2012).

Title: F-22 In Pearl Harbor Event scrapes Tail, Causing $1.8M In Damage
December 8, 2012
Fox News

Abstract: An F-22 fighter jet used in a flyover during a remembrance ceremony at Pearl Harbor scraped its tail on a runway as it landed, causing $1.8 million in damage.

A Hawaii National Guard spokesman says nobody was hurt in the incident Friday morning on the 71st anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Lt. Col. Charles Anthony says the jet was coming back to Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam from a training exercise after taking part in the ceremony. He says the "mishap" happened roughly 90 minutes after the flyover.

In jet terms, the damage to the F-22's horizontal stabilizers may be little more than a pricey fender-bender.

Anthony says it costs roughly $147 million to make one F-22 fighter (Fox News, 2012).

Title: Jenni Rivera, Mexican Singer, Apparently Dies In Plane Crash
December 9, 2012
Fox Latino

Abstract: A plane apparently carrying Mexican superstar Jenni Rivera went missing in Mexico then was found with no apparent survivors, authorities say. 

Transportation and communication minister Gerardo Ruiz Esparza tells Mexican television that the plane was found in Nuevo Leon and "everything points toward it being the plane" that carried the Mexican-American singer and six others.

The U.S.-registered Learjet 25 went missing early Sunday after taking off from the city of Monterrey.

Jorge Domene, spokesman for Nuevo Leon's government, said the plane left Monterrey about 3:30 a.m. after a concert there and aviation authorities lost contact with the craft about 10 minutes later. It had been scheduled to arrive in Toluca, outside Mexico City, about an hour later.

Domene said a search for the plane was launched early Sunday, with helicopters from the local civilian protection agency flying over the state. He said seven people including the crew were believed to be aboard the U.S.-registered Learjet 25.

The 43-year-old who was born and raised in Long Beach, California, is known for her interpretations of Mexican regional music known as nortena and banda.

Rivera spoke about her scare with breast cancer to Fox News Latino earlier this year.

The health scare happened right in the middle of filming the second season of her hit reality series “I Love Jenni,” which debuted March 4th on mun2, but the singer refused to turn off the cameras.

“People need to know that I’m not superwoman, that I have feelings and I cry and that I understand what a woman feels when they go through this,” Rivera said.

Rivera’s tumor was growing and had to be removed, “I wanted to show people that I can identify with this situation, that I’m a woman like everyone else, and I wasn’t exempt from it” (Fox Latino, 2012).

Title: 27 Dead In Kazakhstan Military Plane Crash
December 25, 2012
Fox News

Abstract: A Kazakhstan military plane has crashed near a southern city killing 27 people, mostly border guards.

The Central Asian country's Committee for National Security said the An-72 crashed Tuesday at 7:55 a.m. EST about 12 miles away from the city of Shymkent near the border with Uzbekistan.

It said in a web-posted statement that acting head of the ex-Soviet nation's border protection service Col. Turganbek Stambekov was aboard the plane. The fatalities included a crew of seven and 20 border guards.

Without specifying further details, it said that an investigation was opened into the crash (Fox News, 2012).

Title: 2 Killed In Myanmar Plane Crash
December 26, 2012

Abstract: T
wo people were killed and 11 were injured after a plane crashed Tuesday near an airport in central Myanmar, authorities said.

The Air Bagan plane, carrying 71 people, was trying to land at Heho Airport but was hampered by heavy fog, the Myanmar Ministry of Information said. It crashed breaking the tail of the plane and killing a tour guide on board. Also a motorbike rider on the ground was killed.

An Air Bagan representative said the airline was investigating the incident.

The plane took off from Mandalay, Myanmar's second largest city, on Tuesday morning and was headed to Heho, a destination near Inle Lake, one of the nation's most popular tourist destinations (CNN, 2012).

Title: 4 Die After Passenger Plane Ran Off Moscow Runway
December 29, 2012
Fox News

Abstract: A passenger airliner careered off the runway at Russia's third-busiest airport while landing on Saturday, broke into pieces and caught fire, killing at least four people.

Officials said there were eight people aboard the Tu-204 belonging to Russian airline Red Wings that was flying back from the Czech Republic without passengers to its home at Vnukovo Airport.

Emergency officials said in a televised news conference that four people were killed and another four severely injured when the plane rolled off the runway into a snowy field and disintegrated.

The plane's cockpit area was sheared off from the fuselage and a large chunk gashed out near the tail.

The crash occurred amid light snow, but other details were not immediately known.

The state news agency RIA Novosti cited an unidentified official at the Russian Aviation Agency as saying another Red Wings Tu-204 had gone off the runway at the international airport in Novosibirsk in Siberia on Dec. 20.

The agency said that incident, in which no one was injured, was due to the failure of the plane's engines to go into reverse upon landing.

On Friday, the Aviation Agency sent a directive to the Tupolev company's president calling for it to take urgent preventive measures.

Vnukovo airport spokeswoman Yelena Krylova said it had enough personnel and equipment to keep the runway fully functional Saturday. The airport resumed receiving planes after a break of several hours.

Prior to Saturday's crash, there had been no fatal accidents reported for Tu-204s, which entered commercial service in 1995. The plane is a twin-engine midrange jet with a capacity of about 210 passengers.

Vnukovo, on the southern outskirts of Moscow, is one of the Russian capital's three international airports (Fox News, 2012).

Title: United Airlines Jet Slides Off Runway, Hits Snowbank In NY
December 29, 2012
Fox News

Abstract: A regional jet has skidded into a snow bank at an upstate New York airport and become stuck, temporarily stranding passengers.

A spokesman for the Albany County Airport Authority says no injuries have been reported.

The United Airlines flight was leaving the gate in Albany en route to Chicago on Saturday when it slid off a paved roadway. It had been snowing lightly all day.

The 65 passengers and crew members were put on a bus and sent back to the airport.

Airport authority spokesman Doug Myers says the accident didn't cause any other airport delays. The plane was removed from the snow bank and will be inspected for any problems.

Myers says the airline will determine what happened with the jet.

United hasn't returned an email seeking comment (Fox News, 2012).

Title: 3 Killed In Small Plane Crash In Southern California
December 30, 2012
Fox News

Abstract: California Authorities say a pilot from Phoenix, his wife and daughter were killed when a home-built airplane crashed in a San Diego County nature preserve.

Sheriff's Lt. Scott Amos says the single-engine plane went down Saturday morning within Sycamore Canyon Open Space Preserve near Santee. Medical examiners said the dead included a 65-year-old man, his 53-year-old wife and their 19-year-old daughter.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor says the four-seat Lancair IV-P had departed from San Diego's Montgomery Field en route to Deer Valley Airport in Phoenix.

The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating.

The Lancair web site says the IV-P is one of a series of aircraft kits that are no longer in production (Fox News, 2012)

Title: Spirit Airlines Plane Hits Parked Jet
January 1, 2013

Abstract: 2012 ended for 162 passengers on a Spirit Airlines plane with an unexpected bump.

Their Airbus A320 had just arrived from Atlanta at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida Monday night when a wingtip hit the tail of another plane.

"After landing and while taxiing to the gate, our aircraft made contact with another parked aircraft," Spirit spokeswoman Misty Pinson confirmed to CNN. "There were no injuries and customers deplaned at the gate as normal."

The US Airways plane that was hit was parked in a remote area away from the gate where aircraft are stored overnight. No one was on board at the time.

"An A320 was parked in an approved parking spot when it was struck in the tail by another aircraft," Andrew Christie, a US Airways spokesman said. "The extent of the damage is yet to be determined."

Broward County sheriff's officers who were called to the scene described the damage as a "gash in the tail section," but found no fuel leaking.

The Spirit aircraft has resumed flying, while the US Airways plane is out of service for inspection and repair of its damaged tail cone, the airlines reported.

In September the National Transportation Safety Board recommended the Federal Aviation Administration require large planes and other aircraft on which the wingtips are not easily visible from the cockpit to have cameras or other devices to monitor the wings.

The safety board said at the time that 12 accidents since 1993 had involved a large aircraft's wingtip hitting another airplane or object on the taxiway.

Most recently, a Boeing 747 hit a regional jet at O'Hare airport in Chicago in May, a 767 hit a regional jet in Boston in July 2011 and an A380 hit a regional jet in April of 2011 at New York's JFK airport.

No one was injured in any of those recent collisions (CNN, 2013).

Title: Boy In Deadly Alabama Plane Crash Didn't Steal Aircraft, Had Own Key, Mother Says
January 2, 2013
Fox News

Abstract: A teen pilot killed along with two friends in an Alabama plane crash had his own key to the aircraft and had flown it many times, his mother said Wednesday, denying authorities' assertion that the plane had been taken without permission.

Sherrie Smith said her 17-year-old son Jordan Smith was the one flying the plane that went down in the Alabama woods Tuesday night, killing the him and two other male teens. The Federal Aviation Administration said the Piper PA 30 crashed less than a mile from the Walker County Airport in Jasper, which is northwest of Birmingham.

Smith says the owner of the plane had let her son fly it many other times and had given her son his own key.

"He had used the plane many times before," she said.

She said her son was a high school junior who fell in love with flying at an early age and was one test short of earning his private pilot's license.

Her son had left the house around 6 p.m. to meet some friends at another airport in the area, and she said she last spoke to him by cell phone about four hours later. One of her son's friends called later about reports of a plane crash, and she tried to reach Jordan again but couldn't.

Walker County sheriff's Chief Deputy James Painter said earlier Wednesday that authorities believed the three teenagers took off in the plane without permission.

"We don't know for sure but we think it was some teenagers who stole the plane and were sort of joyriding it," Painter told The Associated Press. "They got it in and took off and didn't go very far."

Authorities hadn't confirmed the names of the other two who were killed by late Wednesday.

The plane had departed from the small airport around 10:30 p.m. in overcast skies and a low cloud ceiling, airport manager Edwin Banks said.

"It was a student pilot flying an airplane without permission, an airplane that he was not qualified to fly at night," Banks said.

The teenage pilot had flown a single-engine airplane in the past "and he got in a double-engine at night in bad weather with a couple of his buddies," Banks said.

The Piper PA 30 is also called a Piper Twin Comanche. It is a low-wing plane with two propellers and can seat four to six, depending on the model.

The planes were built from 1963 until 1972, and were popular with flight schools because of their fuel efficiency and relatively inexpensive price tags, according to the International Comanche Society, an enthusiasts' group (Fox News, 2013).

Title: Prominent Arizona Business Man, Wife And Daughter Die In Experimental Plane Crash
January 2, 2013
Fox News

Abstract: A Phoenix businessman and his wife and teenage daughter died Saturday when his home-built experimental aircraft crashed in a nature preserve in San Diego, reported.

William Stern Jr., his wife Jennifer, and their daughter Katelyn, 19, were onboard the his Lancair IV-P  plane, which is a single-engine aircraft that reportedly had a history of  a "disproportionate" number of fatal accidents. According to the Lancair website, the IV-P is one of a series of aircraft kits that are no longer in production.

A friend says the Stern's had the plane for more than 6 years and oftentimes flew to Montgomery Field, which is north of San Diego. The family had a second home there.

Sheriff deputies say a hiker saw the plane fall from the sky and hit the hillside about 10 a.m. Saturday.

"The plane was in some type of a spin coming out of the sky," said San Diego County Sheriff's Sgt. David Hale (Fox News, 2013).

Title: Dana Air, Nigeria Airline Involved In June Crash That Killed 163, Resumes Flights
January 3, 2013
Fox News

Abstract: Seven months after one of its planes crashed, killing at least 163 people, a Nigerian airline has resumed domestic flights in the West African nation.

Dana Air sold tickets Thursday for flights between Nigeria's capital, Abuja, and its largest city of Lagos. It was an Abuja-Lagos flight that crashed on June 3 in a densely populated neighborhood near Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos, killing 153 people on board and at least 10 on the ground.

Officials have said the plane's pilots reported both engines on the MD-83 failed before the crash. However, Nigeria's government hasn't announced any explanation about what caused the crash.

Dana Air officials and government officials did not respond to requests for comment Thursday (Fox News, 2013).

Title: FAA Says Plane In Deadly New Year's Crash Was Not Registered
January 4, 2013
Fox News

Abstract: Federal Aviation Administration records show that a plane that crashed in Jasper killing three teenagers wasn't currently registered to fly.

FAA records show HiFlight Aviation of Jasper bought the plane in May 2010. The company applied for registration, but the application was returned to HiFlight in June 2010 for correction. The FAA received no response and canceled the registration.

State business records show HiFlight was organized in Jasper in 2010. A phone number given by the company at the time of registration is no longer active.

The plane crash Tuesday night killing 17-year-old student pilot Jordan Smith and his friends, 17-year-old Jordan Montgomery and 19-year-old Brandon Ary. The FAA said earlier that its regulations prohibit student pilots from taking up passengers (Fox News, 2013).

Title: 3 Killed As Small Plane Crashes Into Florida House
January 4, 2013
Fox News

Abstract: Three people were dead after a small plane crashed into a house Friday afternoon while trying to land at a central Florida airport, the Florida Highway Patrol reported.

The 1957 Beechcraft H35 Bonanza was heading from Fort Pierce to Knoxville, Tenn., when it began experiencing mechanical problems, FHP Lt. Justin Asbury said. The pilot told controllers that the engine was shaky and there was smoke coming from the plane. The plane was also entering bad weather.

The Flagler County Sheriff's Office reports that the plane hit a Palm Coast home just east of the Flagler County Airport around 2:20 p.m., several minutes after the pilot's call.

Robert Ferrigno, who lives down the street, said he heard the crash from his home.

"Planes go over here all the time, but this afternoon, I heard, `putt, putt, putt,' and then I heard, `boom,"' Ferrigno said. "I looked outside, and there were flames shooting up over the trees."

Ferrigno and another neighbor, Armando Gonzalez, ran down the street to the crash site.

The home's owner -- identified by FHP as Susan Crockett -- was already outside when they arrived, screaming that a plane had crashed into her house.

"The house was in flames, and there were explosions -- boom, boom, boom -- inside the house," Gonzalez said. He said the tail appeared to be sticking out the roof of the single-story ranch home.

Ferrigno added that the crash had thrown insulation everywhere, saying, "It looked like it was snowing."

Crockett was taken to a nearby hospital as a precaution, Asbury said. She was listed in stable condition.

Authorities didn't immediately identify the people on the plane (Fox News, 2013).

Title: Plane Crash In French Alps Kills Family Of 5
January 5, 2013
Fox News

Abstract: A Moroccan family of five returning home died Saturday when their plane crashed shortly after takeoff from an airport near the French Alps, officials said.

The twin-engine plane hit a hill and crashed in a forest in an uninhabited area outside Grenoble, a city that is the gateway to the Alpine resorts in southeastern France.

Bruno Charlot, a local government official, said all five aboard died. The pilot was flying his wife and their three children home to Morocco, apparently after a vacation in France.

The plane took off Saturday afternoon from Grenoble's airport and quickly disappeared off the radar. Charlot said the weather was clear, and an investigation is under way to determine the cause of the crash.

The crash caused a small fire that extinguished itself even before responders arrived on the scene. No one was hurt on the ground (Fox News, 2013).

Title: Plane Carrying Italian Fashion Heir Missoni Missing Off Venezuela
January 6, 2013

Abstract: A small plane carrying six people, one of them Vittorio Missoni, a director of Italy's famed Missoni fashion house, is missing off the coast of Venezuela, Interior Minister Nestor Reverol Torres said.

The search for the missing aircraft continued Saturday, an Italian Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

Missoni confirmed in a statement that Vittorio Missoni, son of fashion house founders Ottavio and Rosita Missoni, was on the plane with his wife.

"The small plane they were traveling on has disappeared. This is all the information currently available," the company statement said.

Vittorio Missoni, 58, runs the company with his siblings, Luca and Angela.

The plane was carrying four Italian nationals who were on vacation, Reverol said in a statement Friday. The Venezuelan Interior Ministry identified the two other Italians as Guido Foresti and Elda Scalveuzi. A pilot and co-pilot also were on board.

The plane left Los Roques, an archipelago and resort, Friday morning bound for the international airport outside Caracas, about 90 miles away, Reverol said.

Italian authorities are in touch with their Venezuelan counterparts and the families of those missing, said a spokesman in the Italian Foreign Ministry's media office.

The ministry called on the Venezuelan authorities to do all they can to locate the missing plane and those on board, he said.

Missoni, which boasts such celebrity clients as Katie Holmes, Cameron Diaz and Nicole Richie, is a high-end fashion label known for its patterned knitwear and signature zigzag stripe.

The private company, based in Milan, has estimated annual sales of between $75 million and $100 million.

The brand, first created in 1953 as a knitwear workshop in Gallarte, Italy, has gone on to expand from apparel to housewares, a fragrance line and a chain of hotels.

Stefano Tonchi, editor-in-chief of W magazine, called the Missonis "one of the most important Italian fashion families," crediting their move to Milan in the late 1960s with helping make the northern Italian city the fashion hub it is today.

Vittorio Missoni and his siblings took over the brand in 1996 with an eye toward marketing to a younger consumer.

The fashion house partnered with Target in 2011 to produce a more budget-friendly collection for the discount retailer, which prompted Target's website to crash due to the high demand (CNN, 2013).

Title: 3 Utah Bank Workers Die In Plane Crash
January 13, 2013
Fox News

Abstract: A plane carrying three Utah men crashed shortly after takeoff in Texas Saturday, killing all three aboard, authorities said.

The Piper PA-46 had taken off from an airport near Paris, Texas, around 8 a.m. when it went down.

The Texas Department of Public Safety identified the men as Michael Endo, 50, Michael Dale Bradley, 44, and the pilot Rob Thompson, 49, according to a report in the The Desert News.

All three men worked for Utah-based Celtic Bank, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

"This is a challenging and difficult time for the entire Celtic Bank family," bank CEO Reese Howell Jr. said in a statement.

There was no immediate word on the cause of the crash. The Public Safety Department said it was reportedly foggy and the plane attempted to turn back toward the airport before descending rapidly and crashing.

The plane burst into flames upon impact, FAA spokesman Roland Herwig told the Tribune.

The Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Public Safety didn't immediately return calls f rom The Associated Press for comment.

Its was not clear if the pilot had radioed for assistance prior to the crash, NTSB spokesman Keith Holloway said, according to the Tribune report. NTSB investigators were gathering evidence from the crash site, any witnesses and data radar data to determine why the plane crashed, he said.

According to a bank press release, Bradley was a real estate broker working with Celtic on the sale of some property in Texas. Endo was the bank's senior vice president and a commercial loan officer. Thompson was a professional pilot contracted by Celtic to fly the company's plane (Fox News, 2013).

Title: Airliner Clips Another At Miami Airport Gate, None Hurt Among Hundreds Aboard; Panes Damaged
January 17, 2013
Fox News

Abstract: Authorities say a commercial airliner clipped another on the ground near a gate at Miami International Airport, but no one was injured among hundreds aboard the two aircraft.

Airport spokesman Marc Henderson told The Miami Herald ( ) both planes were damaged, one on the wingtip and the other on the tail section.

Officials say an Aerolineas Argentinas Airbus that arrived with 240 passengers apparently struck an Air France 777-300 plane still at the gate and preparing to depart with 350 passengers for Paris.

Passengers arriving from Argentina disembarked. It wasn't clear if the Paris-bound passengers would be put on another flight.

Several flights were delayed. The National Transportation Safety Board was investigating.

Last month, two commercial aircraft were damaged in a small collision at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport (Fox News, 2013).

Title: 3 Passengers Safe After Plane Crash In Danbury
January 22, 2013

Abstract: Danbury Fire Dept. says a plane crashed on South Street Tuesday night and all of the passengers walked away safely.

3 men in their mid 20's were on board the plane when it crashed. One of the men is a flight instructor and the deputy fire chief says all 3 men walked away from the Cirrus SR20 4 passenger plane.

A parachute safety system deployed to help bring the plane down slowly. Airport officials say the pilot reported engine problems 5 miles out and when they were 2 miles out they pulled the parachute.

"They were nervous 'cause it just happened but other than that it was just like a normal accident. They were upset that the plane had crashed but they were fine," said Asst. Chief Steve Williams. "The airplane's designed for this. The company that designs this airplane sells this parachute as a safety item and obviously it worked. 3 people are walking around with no injuries because of the parachute system."

The plane involved in the crash is registered to Kenyon Flight LLC in West Hartford.

The crash caused 1,042 power outages. CL&P had to de-energize a line to remove the plane from the line and a tree also fell as a result of the crash. All power has been restored (WTNH News, 2013).

Title: 3 Canadians Aboard Plane Missing In Antarctica
January 24, 2013

Abstract: A plane carrying three Canadians across Antarctica is unaccounted for, and inclement weather is impeding the search for the aircraft, New Zealand officials said.

The emergency locator transmitter on the Twin Otter aircraft activated at 10 p.m. Wednesday (4 a.m. ET) from within New Zealand's Antarctic rescue area, a Maritime New Zealand statement said.

The plane was flying from the South Pole to an Italian base at Terra Nova Bay, Maritime New Zealand said.

Planes and helicopters in New Zealand are ready to search, but "weather conditions are extremely challenging," said John Ashby, a search and rescue mission coordinator for Rescue Coordination Centre New Zealand. "There are winds of 90 knots at the site, and conditions are forecast to worsen with snow becoming heavier."

The plane has survival equipment and supplies for five days, Ashby said.

Canadian, U.S. and Italian authorities are also involved, the statement said (CNN, 2013).

Title: Investigators: Russian Plane Crash That Killed 5 People Caused By Equipment Failure
January 24, 2013
Fox News

Abstract: Investigators say equipment failure caused a Russian airliner to crash in Moscow, killing five people.

The Russian-made Tupolev Tu-204 belonging to Red Wings airline careered off the runway at Moscow's Vnukovo airport, rolled across a snowy field and slammed into the slope of a nearby highway, breaking into pieces and catching fire.

The crash killed five of the eight crew members aboard the jet, which was returning to Moscow from the Czech Republic with no passengers aboard.

The Moscow-based Interstate Aviation Committee said Thursday that the crash occurred because thrust reversers on the plane's engines failed, even though the crew repeatedly tried to activate them. Panels on the plane's wings designed to rise while landing and slow the aircraft down also failed to work (Fox News, 2013).

Title: 2 Taken To Hospital Uninjured After Small Plane Crashes In Hudson River
January 27, 2013
Fox News

Abstract: New York authorities say two people have been rescued from a small plane that went down into the Hudson River off Yonkers.

Yonkers police say the small plane with only two people aboard crashed just before 5:30 p.m. Sunday.

Police say the two survivors were plucked from the waters about 20 to 30 minutes after the crash and taken to Jacobi Medical Center.

A Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman described the plane as a Piper PA-32 single-engine aircraft. She says the survivors were wearing life vests when they were rescued by local authorities.

Lt. Toni Scherer of Empress Ambulance Service says the two -- a man and a woman in their 30s -- were treated for hypothermia and were listed in stable condition at Jacobi (Fox News, 2013).

Title: Wreckage Believed To Be From F-16 Recovered From Adriatic Sea
Date: January 29, 2013
Fox News

Abstract: The Air Force says Italian rescue teams have recovered debris from the Adriatic Sea that is believed to belong to a U.S. F-16 fighter jet that went missing on Monday after taking off from a base in Italy.

The combined U.S.-Italian rescue effort has not found any sign of the pilot, according to a statement from the 31st Fighter Wing at Aviano air base.

Reports identify the pilot as Capt. Lucas Gruenther, 31st Fighter Wing chief of flight safety, who was conducting a nighttime training mission when the Air Force base at Aviano lost contact with the jet.

The search is continuing.

"We are dedicating all available resources to the search and rescue operation," said Brig. Gen. Scott J. Zobrist. "I am hopeful that we will bring him home safely" (Fox News, 2013).

Title: 5 Family Members Killed In Belgium Plane Crash
February 10, 2013

Abstract: Five members of a family died Saturday morning when a small plane crashed at an airport in Brussels, Belgium, an airport spokesman said.

The plane is thought to have crashed as it sought to make an emergency landing after encountering problems shortly after takeoff, said David Gering, spokesman for the Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

"We know it was a family of five who were all of Belgian nationality," Gering said. He did not give the victims' ages.

The airport was shut down, with flights diverted, delayed or canceled, he said, while accident investigators examined the crash scene. It was expected to reopen Saturday afternoon.

The aircraft that crashed was a privately-owned five-seater Cessna (CNN, 2013).

Title: Official: Plane Carrying A Delegation From Guinea Crashes Near Liberia's Largest Airport
February 11, 2013
Fox News

Abstract:  Liberia's information minister says that a plane carrying an official delegation from Guinea to attend Liberia's Armed Forces Day celebration in the capital has crashed.

Lewis Brown said Monday that the plane went down in Charlesville, near Liberia's largest airport, some 45 kilometers (28 miles) south of Monrovia, the capital. He said there were about 10 people in the delegation but he could not confirm deaths or survivals. Brown said he didn't have further details.

Liberia's President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf confirmed the crash while speaking at a ceremony. She called for a moment of silence for those involved in the crash and declared Tuesday a day of mourning (Fox News, 2013).

Title: Deaths Reported In Ukraine Plane Crash
February 14, 2013

Abstract: At least four people died when a plane made an emergency crash-landing in Ukraine on Wednesday, the Russian news outlet, state-run RIA Novosti, reported.

There were 45 people on board when the AN-24 crashed in the Donetsk region, an emergency official said. At least two people are unaccounted for. Thirty-nine were evacuated before the airliner caught fire, the official said.

"The plane missed the landing strip, turned upside down and broke into pieces," the official said.

The Donetsk-bound charter flight was carrying soccer fans from Odessa. They were heading to a UEFA Champions League game between Shakhtar Donetsk and Borussia Dortmund, the Ukrainskaya Pravda website reported (CNN, 2013).

Title: Buffalo Bill's Great-Grandsons Die In Florida Plane Crash
February 18, 2013
Fox News

Abstract: The great-grandsons of Wild West character Buffalo Bill Cody reportedly died in a small plane crash in Florida last week.

Kit and Barry Cody and their friend, Rob Krieger, died when the plane they were riding in crashed in the wooded Fort Drum Marsh Conservation Area, west of Vero Beach, Fla., the Cody Enterprise reported.

The Federal Aviation Administration lost contact with the Cessna 310 on Thursday afternoon, and the crash site was discovered Friday about 20 miles west of Vero Beach, Fla.

Authorities haven't released the names of the victims, but a family member identified them as 65-year-old Rob Krieger -- a Florida businessman -- and brothers Kit and Barry Cody, ages 63 and 67.

Kit Cody's son-in-law, Bryan Edwards, told the newspaper that the three had been "island hopping" in the Bahamas before the crash occurred. Kit Cody's wife, Linda, was supposed to accompany her husband on the trip but backed out at the last minute, according to the newspaper.  

Buffalo Bill, whose real name was William F. Cody, was best known for his Wild West show, which ran from the 1880s to the early 1900s (Fox News, 2013).

Title: Authorities Open Investigation Into Deadly Small Plane Crash In Eastern Georgia
February 21, 2013
Fox News

Abstract: Federal and local authorities were investigating Thursday after a small jet crashed off the end of a runway at a Georgia airport, killing five people and injuring two.

The plane overran a runway during its landing and crashed into woods at the airport west of Augusta, the National Transportation Safety Board said in a statement Thursday morning.

Two survivors were taken to area hospitals in eastern Georgia after the Hawker Beechcraft 390/Premier I crashed shortly after 8 p.m. Wednesday, Thomson-McDuffie County Sheriff Logan Marshall said.

One of the survivors, a man, was in critical condition at Georgia Regents Medical Center in Augusta, hospital spokeswoman Christen Carter said Thursday.

Where the other injured person was taken, as well as that person's condition, were not immediately known.

The National Transportation Safety Board said in a statement that it will launch an investigation into the crash that will be headed by Ralph Hicks, a senior aviation investigator.

The identities of those killed were being withheld until family members were notified, the sheriff said.

Five of those on board are affiliated with a vein clinic in Augusta that also has offices in Tennessee, said Dr. Stephen Davis, a plastic surgeon who works for the Vein Guys clinic in Nashville. Davis said those on board were: Dr. Steven Roth, two ultrasound technicians, a nurse anesthetist and a secretary. He said Roth regularly flew to Vein Guys clinics in the region, though other doctors working for the clinic did not travel.

It was not immediately known if any of them were among the two survivors. Davis said his brother Dr. Keith Davis and Roth co-founded the clinic in Augusta. He described Roth as "a great guy, a great doctor, devoted to patients and his family."

The plane with seven people aboard had departed from John Tune Airport in Nashville, Tenn., Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen said. It crashed at Thomson-McDuffie Regional Airport, about 30 miles west of Augusta, she said.

Bodies of the five people who died have been taken to a Georgia Bureau of Investigation lab in Decatur for autopsies, GBI spokesman John Bankhead said Thursday.

Assistant County Fire Chief Stephen Sewell told the Augusta Chronicle that the two survivors were a pilot and a passenger. But he provided no additional information about those aboard.

A brush fire flared near the crash scene, and witnesses reported power outages that prompted a utility to send workers to the site, the newspaper reported (Fox News, 2013).

Title: Plane Crashes In Congo Killing 36
March 4, 2013
Fox News

Abstract:  A plane crash in the eastern city of Goma has killed 36 passengers, according to Congolese officials.

A Fokker airplane of the private airline CAA was carrying 40 people and only four people survived, said Goma's mayor Naasson Kubuya.

The plane was flying from Lodja in East Kasai Province in the center of the country. The aircraft crashed in the center of Goma, near the electoral commission's building, but it did not hit any people on the ground, he said.

"The pilot managed to avoid houses," said Kubuya. "It's a horrifying accident. The city of Goma has become a field of disasters. We sympathize with the families of the deceased."

Last year, a plane crash in the city of Bukavu killed President Joseph Kabila's personal adviser, Augustin Katumba (Fox News, 2013).

Title: Alaska Searchers Look For Small Plane With 3 Aboard Overdue On Flight
March 5, 2013
Fox News

Abstract: Authorities says searchers in Alaska are looking for a small plane with three people aboard that was reported overdue on a flight from Anchorage to the small village of Takotna.

Carl Siebe of the Civil Air Patrol tells KTUU-TV that the plane left Anchorage about 10 a.m. Monday and was expected to reach Takotna -- a checkpoint on the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race -- at about noon.

Alaska National Guard spokeswoman Kalei Brooks Rupp confirms the plane was a Cessna 182 with three on board.

The Cessna was traveling with another plane, which reported it missing about 3 p.m. Monday. The overdue plane did not file a flight plan (Fox News, 2013).

Title: 2 Jets Bump On Taxiway At New York's JFK Airport
March 9, 2013
Fox News

Abstract: Two commercial jets have been damaged in the aviation equivalent of a fender-bender at New York's Kennedy airport.

Nobody was reported injured in the accident, which happened at around 6:15 a.m. Saturday.

A JetBlue spokesman says a plane carrying around 150 passengers bound for West Palm Beach, Fla., had become temporarily disabled due to a problem with its tow bar and was sitting near a gate when it was bumped by an Air India aircraft.

The JetBlue plane suffered some damage to its rudder.

Airline spokesman Alex Headrick says the passengers were loaded on to another plane. The departure was delayed at least 3 1/2 hours.

Messages left for Air India officials in New York weren't immediately returned (Fox News, 2013).

Title: Three Killed When Navy Plane Crashes In Washington State
March 12, 2013

Abstract: Three Navy crew members died when their EA-6B Prowler crashed Monday morning about 50 miles west of Spokane, Washington, the service said.

The Navy has yet to release the names of the three service members.

The plane crashed at about 8:45 a.m. PT, sometime after it took off for a training flight from Naval Air Station Whidbey Island in northwestern Washington.

The crash is under investigation, according to the Navy (CNN, 2013).

Title: 3 Dead After Small Plane Crashes At Fort Lauderdale Parking Lot
March 16, 2013
Fox News

Abstract: A small plane crashed into a parking lot near a South Florida airport Friday afternoon, killing all three people onboard and burning about a dozen vehicles. No one on the ground was hurt.

Fire-Rescue Division Chief John San Angelo said the Piper Navajo, a twin-engine turboprop, began experiencing engine trouble shortly after taking off from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport at about 4:30 p.m.

The plane tried to turn around and make an emergency landing, but it didn't make it back to the airport, he said. The plane hit a tree and a fence as it crashed into a parking lot, part of a busy industrial area near blocks of tightly packed warehouses and stores.

The victims' names weren't immediately available. Seven cars and a boat caught fire.

"It looks like a junk yard that burned up," said Matt Little, a spokesman for Fort Lauderdale fire and rescue.

Terry Knowles, owner of R.J. Asset Recovery, said he and another one of his employees were in the repossessed auto lot when the plane crashed.

"I was working on a car, and I heard the engine behind me. I turned around and saw the plane coming right over the building in front of me," he said.

Knowles said the plane appeared to be banking around to head back to the airport, but it just couldn't get the lift.

"It hit the ground and exploded," Knowles said. "It was an instantaneous fireball."

Knowles said he yelled to check on his employee, who had been on the other side of the lot, and the two opened a gate for the presumed arrival of firefighters.

Rick Blackburn was outside working on a race car when he saw the plane tilting sideways in the air as it rapidly descended down. "It dropped like a rock. Boom!" he said.

"The plane hit really hard. We knew the pilot hadn't survived. It was too intense of an impact," said the 55-year-old Blackburn.

He took video with his phone as flames devoured a row of cars, thick blankets of black smoke billowing out.

"It was a ball of flames," he said.

Blackburn said it was immediately clear to those who ran over to help that "it was over." The heat coming from the blaze was intense, he said.

"There were a lot of explosions going off at first. Pop, pop, pop," he said.

About 40 firefighters were at the scene. San Angelo said smoke and the flames were so heavy that when firefighters first arrived, they couldn't tell where the plane was.

Television images showed heavy black smoke rising from the crash scene. Later video footage show a parking lot with vehicles in a corner that were burned-out shells, a smoldering heap covered in foam spread by firefighters on the scene. The cars were by a chain-link fence, and a building on the other side was streaked with black.

A storage facility and an indoor go-kart track are among the businesses listed nearby.

The airport serves smaller planes rather than the larger commercial flights at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

The crash happened at the start of rush hour alongside Interstate 95, the major north-south route along Florida's Atlantic coast. It's also near Fort Lauderdale Stadium, where the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles once held spring training, and Lockhart Stadium, where the defunct Fort Lauderdale Strikers and Miami Fusion soccer teams played.

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler said he's amazed no buildings were damaged.

"It's a terrible scene. It's the scene of a tragedy," he said after walking through the wreckage.

National Transportation Safety Board spokesman Keith Holloway said an investigator should arrive in Fort Lauderdale by Saturday.

There have been several other high-profile crashes at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport over the last decade:

-- In 2009, an 80-year-old pilot died when he crashed his small plane into a home shortly after takeoff. Nobody was in the home, which was destroyed.

-- In 2007, a small cargo plane crashed onto I-95 after takeoff. The pilot suffered serious injuries but survived. No one on the highway was hurt.

-- Also in 2007, a small plane that had taken off from the airport crashed into the ocean while on its way to the Bahamas. Five people died.

-- In 2005, a World War II-era cargo plane crashed into a neighborhood after a mechanical failure. The pilot was able to steer the plane into a street - six cars were destroyed as the plane skidded 100 yards but the three crew members survived and no homes were struck.

-- In 2004, two people onboard a small plane died when it struck an auto body shop shortly after takeoff. No one on the ground was hurt.

Friday evening, repossession lot owner Knowles said six of the destroyed vehicles were repos, while the seventh was his own truck. His boat, mud buggy and camper were also destroyed. Several other vehicles sustained lesser fire damage.

"Luckily it was just a bunch of property damage," Knowles said. "Things can be replaced. People can't, unfortunately for the people on the plane" (Fox News, 2013).

Title: 2 Dead, Several Injured After Private Plane Crashes Into Indiana Homes
March 18, 2013
Fox News

Abstract: A small private aircraft clipped two houses before smashing into a third and snapping in half, killing two people inside the plane and leaking enough jet fuel to force the evacuation of nearby homes in a northern Indiana neighborhood, authorities said.

The front part of the fuselage of the Beechcraft Premier I twin-jet sat wedged inside the one-story home just southwest of the South Bend Regional Airport where the pilot had tried to land the plane Sunday afternoon minutes before the crash.

Two people on board the plane survived and they, along with one person on the ground, were taken to a hospital, South Bend Assistant Fire Chief John Corthier said. South Bend Memorial Hospital spokeswoman Maggie Scroope said one was in serious condition late Sunday and the other two were fair. The hospital could not provide an update on their conditions early Monday.

Authorities evacuated and cut the power to several homes in the neighborhood after fuel leaked from the jet's engine into the basement of the home creating a "very dangerous" situation, Corthier said. Everyone in the neighborhood has been accounted for, he said.

One neighbor described her terror as the plane bore down on her home.

"I was looking out my picture window," said Mary Jane Klaybor, who lives across the street from the crash site. "This (plane) was coming straight at my house. I went, 'Huh?' and then there was a big crash, and all the insulation went flying."

She said: "I saw the plane, then I heard the boom."

Authorities have not released the identities of those killed and injured in the crash.

The plane began its journey in Tulsa, Okla. It is registered to 7700 Enterprises in Helena, Mont., which does business in Tulsa as DigiCut Systems and is owned by Wes Caves.

A woman identifying herself as Caves' wife answered the phone at their home Sunday and said, "I think he's dead," before hanging up.

Mike Daigle, executive director of the St. Joseph County Airport Authority, said the plane attempted a landing at the South Bend airport about 4:15 p.m., then went back up and maneuvered south to try another landing, but eight minutes later the airport learned the plane was no longer airborne.

He provided no information to indicate if the pilot communicated to the control tower that the plane was experiencing mechanical trouble or any other potential cause for the crash. Daigle said Monday he has no firsthand knowledge about what caused the plane to crash.

National Transportation Safety Board investigator Todd Fox arrived at the scene late Sunday. He said his agency will be looking for the cause of the crash and "to identify and remedy any issues that could have prevented this accident" (Fox News, 2013).

Title: Military Plane Crashes In Mauritania, A Local Official Says
March 18, 2013
Fox News

Abstract: A Mauritanian official says that a military plane which was on a training mission crashed near the desert town of Aoujeft, located roughly 500 kilometers (300 miles) northeast of the capital.

The official said Monday that there were at least two people on board the plane, including the pilot and a mechanic. The official said one of the two was found alive, while the second has not yet been found, though he could not identify either. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he did not have permission to speak to the press.

In July 2012, a military plane crashed on the tarmac of the airport in the capital, Nouakchott, killing eight people (Fox News, 2013).