TRUTHER.ORG: Suspicious airplane terror propaganda combined with numerous airplane bomb threats, airplane crashes, airplane hijacks, and airplane emergencies and scares indicate that 9/11 style terror involving planes as weapons may now be imminent. Complementing the airplane madness are a number of government drills and exercises simulating planes and terror which is training local, state and federal officials for plane related terrorism.

Also unprecedented are the major instances of “fake pilots”, stolen aviator uniforms, and the growing list of suspicious incidents involving flight attendants, all of which may indicate that pilots and flight attendant security is about to be compromised. Interestingly, in October of 2012, American Airlines pulled 47 planes out of service due to malfunctioning seats and is now in the process of hiring 2,500 new pilots. These planes could be rigged to explode or lose power in an alleged EMP attack. Also of note is that 17 flights were diverted from Manila’s international airport due to an alleged air traffic equipment “glitch”, but no further details were provided.