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Title: DoD Grooms Commanders For Disaster Response
July 3, 2011
Army Times

Abstract: The Defense Department is grooming a new type of commander to coordinate the military response to domestic disasters, hoping to save lives by avoiding some of the chaos that plagued the Hurricane Katrina rescue effort.

The officers, called dual-status commanders, would be able to lead both active-duty and National Guard troops — a power that requires special training and authority because of legal restrictions on the use of the armed forces on U.S. soil.

No one commander had that authority in the aftermath of Katrina, and military and civilian experts say the lack of coordination contributed to the nightmarish delays, duplications and gaps in the huge rescue effort.

“It was just like a solid wall was between the two entities,” said Georgia National Guard Col. Michael Scholes, who was part of the Katrina response.

Top Defense Department officials believe dual-status commanders are the key to reducing at least some of those failures.

“We’re going to be able to conduct disaster response operations on a large scale much more efficiently and effectively than we have in the past,” said Paul Stockton, assistant secretary of defense for homeland defense.

Dual-status commanders will provide a “unity of effort that is going to save lives on a large scale,” Stockton said in an interview with The Associated Press.

Katrina hit the Gulf Coast in August 2005, killing more than 1,600 people and causing more than $40 billion in property damage.

An unprecedented 70,000 military personnel poured into the region to help, but active-duty and Guard troops often didn’t know what the other was doing, according to William Banks, a professor at the Syracuse University law school who studied the response.

Banks likened the confusion to the Keystone Kops of slapstick movies, with too many troops bumping heads at some assignments while other tasks went undone.

The evacuation of New Orleans’ Superdome was delayed by 24 hours because of a lack of coordination among the Louisiana National Guard, active-duty troops and state and federal officials, Banks wrote in a 2006 critique published in the Mississippi College Law Review.

By contrast, Scholes said, active-duty and Guard troops worked together seamlessly during the 2004 G8 Summit on Sea Island, Ga., where a dual-status commander oversaw the military presence. Scholes was part of that effort as well.

The dual-status concept is simple but the execution is not. The active-duty military is limited in what it can do at home. The National Guard in each state is in charge of helping civilian authorities during emergencies.

Active-duty and National Guard troops also have distinctly different chains of command. The president is the commander-in-chief of active-duty troops, while the Guard reports through a state chain of command leading to the governor.

A dual-status commander would straddle that divide. With the approval of both state and federal officials, he or she would get temporary authority to command both types of troops and report up both chains of command.

The U.S. Northern Command, with headquarters at Peterson Air Force Base, Colo., began training dual-status commanders last year. Northern Command was created after the 2001 terrorist attacks to defend the U.S. homeland and help civilian authorities handle domestic crises like Katrina

The goal is to have at least one officer in each of the 50 states and in four U.S. territories qualified and ready to be a dual-status commander on a moment’s notice, said Adm. James Winnefeld, commander of Northern Command.

“So if you have a sudden emergency, earthquake, hurricane, you name it, we want to be able to have a National Guard officer able to command federal forces,” Winnefeld said in interview earlier this year.

Dual-status commanders have been used in disaster drills and at planned events, including the 2004 summit in Georgia, but Northern Command officials say they haven’t yet been tested in a real crisis.

Bridging the gap between active-duty and National Guard troops is tricky because of questions about who should be in charge, Winnefeld said.

“There’s always been, I would say, a gentlemanly disagreement between the states and the federal government, at least for the last decade probably, on who would actually have the responsibility for commanding federal forces responding to a disaster in a state,” he said.

Winnefeld believes in nearly every case the National Guard should be in charge.

“We believe that the right person 99 percent of the time to command the entire military response inside a state is a National Guard officer who is from that state, is appointed by the governor and understands that state and has been trained by the federal side to understand the federal side of this kind of response better than almost any federal officer would,” Winnefeld said.

Winnefeld, who is also commander of the North American Aerospace Defense Command, called the dual-status program “one of my proudest accomplishments since I’ve been here.” He will be leaving the two commands to become vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff pending Senate confirmation later this summer.

Governors like the dual-status commander concept, said Heather Hogsett, director of homeland security and public safety for the National Governor’s Association.

“Governors have embraced the dual status commander concept as a way to preserve their existing authorities within their states ... The National Guard commander reports to the governor, (so) you are preserving that chain of command,” she said.

Syracuse’s Banks, in an interview with AP, said disaster victims also prefer the Guard take the lead.

“If you ask them who they’d like to have protecting them and enforcing the laws in the event of a crisis, they’d rather have their neighbors ... than somebody from thousands of miles away,” he said (Army Times, 2011).

Title: DHS Gears Up For Civil Unrest Prior To Presidential Elections
July 28, 2012

Abstract: The Department of Homeland Security has ordered masses of riot gear equipment to prepare for potential significant domestic riots at the Republican National Convention, Democratic National Convention and next year’s presidential inauguration.

The DHS submitted a rushed solicitation to the Federal Business Opportunities site on Wednesday, which is a portal for Federal government procurement requisitions over $25,000. The request gave the potential suppliers only one day to submit their proposals and a 15-day delivery requirement to Alexandria, Virginia.

As the brief explains, “the objective of this effort is to procure riot gear to prepare for the 2012 Democratic and Republican National Conventions, the 2013 Presidential Inauguration and other future similar activities.”

The total amount ordered is about 150 sets of riot helmets, thigh and groin protectors, hard-shell shin guards and other riot gear.

Specifically, DHS is looking to obtain:

“147 riot helmets” with “adjustable tactical face shield with liquid seal”

- “147 sets of upper body and shoulder protection”

“152 sets of thigh and groin protection”

“147 hard-shell shin guards” with “substantial protection from flying debris, non-ballistic weapons, and blows to the leg” and “optimized protective design for severe riot control or tactical situations.”

“156 forearm protectors”

“147 pairs of tactical gloves”

The riot gear will be worn by Federal Protective Service agents who are tasked with protecting property, grounds and buildings owned by the federal government.

The urgency of the order can be explained by the fact that there is a growing anticipation that many demonstrators will travel to the Republican National Convention (RNC), scheduled for August 27-30 in Tampa Bay, Florida, and Democratic National Convention (DNC), planned for September 3-6 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The RNC itself, for example, will have free speech zones, which will serve as containment quarters for the protesters by not allowing them to leave the designated areas and cause trouble.

Another recent DHS move to gear up was back in March of this year, when it gave the defense contractor ATK a deal to provide the DHS with 450 million .40 caliber hollow-point ammunition over a five year period.

On top of that, the DHS has recently purchased a number of bullet-proof checkpoint booths and hired hundreds of new security guards to protect government buildings (RT, 2012).

Title: Thomas Sowell - Race Riots If Obama Loses
August 11, 2012

YouTube Video

Texas Judge Preparing For ‘Civil War’ If Obama Re-Elected
Date: August 22, 2012

Abstract: Reactions continue after a Texas leader issued a public warning for what he calls a ‘civil war’ and possible invasion of United Nations troops if President Barack Obama is re-elected.

Lubbock County Judge Tom Head is convinced that Mr. Obama winning a second term would lead to a revolt by the American people and he’s is pushing a tax increase for the district attorney’s office and the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office. He says the money is needed to “beef up” its resources in case President Obama wins the November election.

On Thursday, KRLD NewsRadio 1080 spoke with both Republican and Democrat officials in Lubbock County, regarding the judge’s recent comments to a local Fox television station.

“We certainly don’t agree with the President and a lot of his policies, but I don’t see any U.N. troops coming to invade Texas anytime soon,” said Lubbock County Republican spokesperson Carl Tepper.

The Democrats in Lubbock aren’t laughing.

“It’s ridiculous. It’s very embarrassing for us here in Lubbock,”Commissioner Gilbert Flores said frustrated.

When asked if the Judge should resign over his comments Mr. Flores said, “I don’t know if it will do any good if he resigns or not. I will be very honest with you, this is West Texas, this is hard core anti-Obama/Tea Party.”  Flores continued, “Most of these people here are not anti-Obma, President of the United States, they are anti-Obama the black man.”

During his interview Judge Head said that in the event of civil unrest he’s concerned the President would hand over sovereignty of the United States to the U.N. and that the American public would react violently.

“He’s going to try to hand over the sovereignty of the U.S. to the United Nations, what’s going to happen when that happens?” Judge Head told FOX 34 in Lubbock.

“I’m thinking worse case scenario,” he explained. “Civil unrest, civil disobedience, civil war maybe…we’re not just talking a few riots or demonstrations.”

The West Texas judge’s proposed tax increase is to help the sheriff’s office hire a law enforcement large enough to protect the county and to drive away the invaders.

“I don’t want rookies,” Head said flatly. “I want trained, equip and seasoned veteran officers to back me.”

The republican judge said that he himself will meet the enemy, “in front of their armored personnel carriers” to tell them they are not welcome, and has the county sheriff to back him up. “I don’t want U.N. troops in Lubbock County,” he said.

Tom Head, a graduate of Highland Park High School, has been a county judge since 1999 (CBS DFW, 2012).

Title: New Threats To Riot If Obama Loses Election
October 15, 2012
Prison Planet

Despite the issue receiving national media attention, Obama supporters continue to threaten to riot if Mitt Romney wins the presidential election, raising the prospect of civil unrest if Obama fails to secure a second term.

The new threats continue to dominate Twitter and the vast majority make no reference to press coverage of the issue over the last week, illustrating the fact that they are a legitimate expression of how many Obama voters plan to respond if Romney comes out on top, and not merely a reaction to media hype.

An Infowars.com story written by Michael Snyder which was picked up by the Drudge Report over the weekend and has since gone viral documented how Twitter was flooded with messages from Obama supporters threatening to riot, a sign that “whichever side loses this election will accuse the other side of stealing the election.”

The story was subsequently picked up by innumerable media outlets. Highly respected economist and philosopherThomas Sowell also voiced his concerns that race riots could ensue if Obama is not re-elected.

Checking Twitter feeds this morning, we discovered that threats to riot on behalf of Obama supporters are still flooding in, with the users seemingly unaware of the fact that the media has now picked up on the buzz.

We checked the Twitter accounts and virtually all of them are owned by people who have made hundreds or thousands of previous tweets, proving they are genuine accounts and not fakes.

Examples of what people are saying include the following;

“If obama dont get re-elected & romney wins .. on life every white persons getting pistol whipped and im startin a riot.” (SOURCE)

“If Obama don’t win lets start a riot so Romney know what he’s getting himself into.” (SOURCE)

“You know you ain’t shit if you gotta “MAKE” Mafukas vote for ROMNEY ! …. Mannnn OBAMA better get back in office . Or BLACK FOLKS will riot.” (SOURCE)

“If Romney wins im goin on a rampage.” (SOURCE)

“If Mitt Romney wins the election I think its our duties as Black folks to riot and fuck shit up.” (SOURCE)

“If every action IS met with an equal and opposite reaction ..what should workers do to employers if Romney’s elected? #Riot in the streets!!” (SOURCE)

“If Romney becomes president let’s all start a riot.” (SOURCE)

“I Heard Mitt Romney , Tryna Take Away Food Stamps , If He Do .”IMA START A RIOT , IMA START A RIOT.” (SOURCE)

“If romney wins, imma start a mf’n riot! Rns.” (SOURCE)

Although most of the individuals posting the messages don’t even attempt to justify why they plan to riot, others have pointed to fears about a Romney administration withdrawing or limiting government handouts.

You can check out some of the screenshots from these Twitter users below. We didn’t even include all of the messages because there are simply too many to track.

In addition to rhetoric about starting riots if Obama loses, Twitter users have also targeted Mitt Romney with death threats.

“I swear if Mitt Romney becomes president, I’m gonna be the one to assassinate his a*s (sic),” wrote one

“If Mitt Romney win imma assassinate him (sic),” added another Obama supporter.

Given the fact that Americans routinely riot in response to results of sporting events that don’t go their way, the notion that civil unrest could ensue if Obama is defeated is perfectly plausible.

Only this weekend, almost a thousand skateboarders rioted because they were unable to attend a movie premiere in Hollywood because the theater only holds 600 people.

Racial attacks carried out by mobs of black youths have also gone underreported in the media, most notably in places like Chicago and Virginia, as well as attacks at fairgrounds in Wisconsin.

Over the past two years, both Europe and the Middle East have been rocked by riots, but America has yet to witness domestic disorder on any significant scale. Even serene Switzerland is gearing up for a massive social dislocation.

However, the federal government has clearly been preparing for such a fallout, with huge ammunition purchases. Police departments across the country are also getting ready for unrest.

Are Obama supporters serious when they threaten to riot if Romney wins, or are they just full of hot air? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below (Prison Planet, 2012).

Title: Obama Supporters Continue Threats To Riot, Assassinate Romney
October 23, 2012

Despite the issue garnering a significant amount of media interest as well as the attention of the Secret Service, Obama supporters continued their threats to riot and assassinate Mitt Romney if Obama loses in the aftermath of last night’s presidential debate.

As we reported last week, Twitter has been flooded recently with violent comments from Obama supporters. The increase in volume of the comments seemed to coincide with Romney’s poll numbers edging higher against Obama.

Not only have Obama voters been making open threats that they will riot and cause mayhem, they have also been caught making direct threats to assassinate Mitt Romney, prompting the Secret Service to announce that it was “aware” of the threats and would “conduct appropriate follow up if necessary.”

Despite the fact that the media reported extensively on threats made against Obama prior to the 2008 election, their silence on the threats made against Romney has been deafening. Indeed, the act of a few old guys hanging up empty chairs in reference to Clint Eastwood’s RNC speech garnered substantially more coverage and concern from the press compared to hundreds if not thousands of tweets threatening violence against Mitt Romney.

Americans who simply display political signs expressing opposition to Obama’s policies have been treated as potential violent threats by authorities in the past, and yet not a single Twitter user has faced retribution for making direct and sometimes graphic death threats against Romney.

Leftists routinely cry foul and attempt to demonize conservatives as violent extremists whenever online rhetoric gets heated, and yet when their own engage in even worse conduct, their behavior is absolved and the media is disinterested.

Before the Secret Service announced they were investigating the threats, Obama front group Think Progress attempted to imply that the whole story was somehow a racist contrivance dreamed up by the Drudge Report and Infowars.

Here are just a selection of tweets from Obama supporters threatening riots and violence during and after last night’s foreign policy debate. There are too many to reprint in full.

If the Secret Service does plan on following this up, they are going to be very busy indeed (Infowars, 2012).

Title: Michael Moore, Moveon.org Video: If Obama Loses “We Will Burn This Motherfucker Down”
October 30, 2012
Daily Caller

YouTube Video

Abstract: Liberal film producer Michael Moore is out with a new “NSFW” (not safe for work) Moveon.org campaign ad featuring elderly nursing home residents cursing and describing the dirty things they will do if the Republican Party and GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney win the election.

“I was born in 1915 during World War I. My first vote was in 1940 for Franklin D. Roosevelt and I have not missed an election since,” says 97-year-old Marie, in the video. “And I want the Republican Party to know, if your voter suppression throughout this beautiful country enables Romney to oust Barack Obama we will burn this motherfucker down. ”

“Si se puede,” adds her unidentified nursing home peer.

Dorothi, a 75-year-old, recalls how she “has been very blessed,” however she makes it clear she is no Romney fan.

“If the Republicans steal this election, I am going to track down Mitt Romney and give him the world’s biggest cock-punch…What’s the matter sonny, ain’t you never heard that phrase, cock-punch?”

“Right in the nutsack,” she adds.

Marie, Dorothi and their cohort are not alone in their Romney disdain.

John, an 85-year-old World War II veteran, adds that they will be ensuring that Republicans do not take future elections by holding the next generation accountable.

“If you let the Republicans do this to you again, after we die, we are going to look down on you from Heaven and we’re going to make a point of watching you have sex, every time,” John says. “No matter how kinky.”

“Especially if we are related,” adds Marie.

They conclude by advocating Americans sign up with Moveon.org and “get out the vote.”

The video, featured prominently on Moveon.org’s website and — according to Politico – promoted by Moore over email, makes its explicit content clear.

“P.S. This isn’t safe for work. Not by a lonnnng shot,” Moveon.org explains on its website (Daily Caller, 2012).

Title: Actor: If Romney Wins By Slim Margin “America Will Explode”
November 1, 2012
Prison Planet

Actor Richard Belzer warns that if Mitt Romney wins the presidential election by a small margin of victory, “America will explode,” claiming that voter suppression and “tampering with voting machines” could decide the contest.

“If Romney wins by a very slim margin in states where there is voter suppression and tampering with voting machines then America will explode,” Belzer tweeted this morning.

The actor followed up by predicting that Obama will “win by a landslide” because of his position on “women’s health issues.”

Belzer, an actor and comedian, is best known for his role as Detective Munch in the NBC police drama series Homicide: Life on the Street and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Belzer also makes frequent appearances on popular TV shows such as The Wire and 30 Rock.

The actor, who recently caused controversy by giving a Nazi salute during a live appearance on Fox News, is currently appearing with Christopher Walken on a cooking show for the comedy website Funny or Die.

Belzer’s claim that the country will explode in the event of a closely fought and disputed election is by no means without foundation.

As we documented last month, Twitter has been flooded with messages from Obama supporters threatening to riot and cause violence if Mitt Romney wins the election.

In the aftermath of the presidential debates, Obama voters took to the social networking website to promise mayhem and unrest if Obama loses.

Threats to riot included tweets such as, “Black people gonna riot harder than Rodney King if Obama loses!”, “If Romney becomes President watch it be a riot in L.A.,” and, “Obama wins, we party. Romney wins, we riot. EIther way shits gon get fucked up.”

The federal government has been preparing for riots in the aftermath of the election for the best part of the last six months. Back in July, the Department of Homeland Security put out an urgent solicitation for hundreds of items of “riot gear,” in preparation for expected unrest at next year’s presidential inauguration.

Police departments have said they are not expecting civil unrest on election night, but given the fact that Americans will riot over a game of baseball, these assurances seem somewhat naive.

The threats to riot were accompanied by an even greater number of tweets threatening to assassinate Mitt Romney.

Numerous errors with electronic voting machines have become apparent over the last two weeks.

Early voters in Marion County who attempted to vote for Mitt Romney saw the electronic touch screen replace their choice with Barack Obama instead. Joan Stevens had to input her selection three times before it displayed correctly.

“You want to vote for who you want to vote for, and when you can’t it’s irritating,” Stevens told the Marion Star.

Voters in Guilford County, North Carolina experienced the same problem. Every time a vote for Romney was entered, the machine flipped it and counted it as a vote for Obama (Prison Planet, 2012).

Title: Bill Maher Warns Romney Supporters: 'Black People Know Who You Are And They Will Come After You'
November 2, 2012

ill Maher on HBO's Real Time Friday might have said one of the most disgraceful things uttered during the 2012 campaign season.

"If you're thinking about voting for Mitt Romney, I would like to make this one plea: black people know who you are andImagine for a moment the outrage if a conservative commentator said even jokingly to Obama supporters, "White people know who you are and they will come after you."

That would be the end of that person's career. Period. No questions asked. Done!

But Maher who's adored by the Obama-loving media can say this with total impunity.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: HBO should be ashamed to have this disgusting man as one of its on air personalities. Period. End of story (NewsBusters, 2012).

Title: As Election Day Nears, Obama Supporters Step Up Riot Threats
November 2, 2012

A few weeks ago, Twitchy reported on Twitter users threatening to riot if President Obama loses to GOP rival Mitt Romney. With four days to go until Election Day, we decided this is a topic worth revisiting.  The results of our Twitter searches are not pretty.

See Tweets: Here

Those are just the riot threats posted today (Friday November 2nd). It is reasonable to assume that hundreds more were posted prior to today — all of them ignored by a complacent, biased mainstream media.

Interestingly, the threats made today were posted exclusively by supporters of President Obama. We weren’t able to find even one Republican threatening to riot if Mitt Romney loses.

Granted, most of these riot threats were probably made in jest, but a few may be serious. People who do not respect property rights and have little regard for the rules governing civil society have been known to riot over matters of less importance than a presidential election.

Our advice: Be prepared (Twitchy, 2012).

Title: Will New Black Panthers Be Back This Year?
November 5, 2012

They may be back in black for Tuesday's election - the uber-controversial New Black Panther Party.

But now with 100 percent less nightstick.

You'll recall, especially if you've ever listened to conservative talk radio, that it was right here that the Election Day 2008 appearance of two local leaders of the smallish black-power posse outside a polling station at 12th and Fairmount in North Philadelphia - one brandishing a large nightstick - became a national controversy.

Critics said it was an open-and-shut case of voter intimidation and that the U.S. Justice Department, whose probe began in the Bush administration and ended during President Obama's term, let the New Black Panthers duo off too easy.

But the national leader of the group, Malik Zulu Shabazz, told a radio interviewer in September that the New Black Panthers - labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center and others for its anti-white and anti-Semitic rhetoric - might be out monitoring some polling places again in 2012.

"I will say that as this election comes up in November, we will consider our options," he told WABC Radio's "Aaron Klein Investigative Radio" show. "And we will consider the fact whether we will legally and lawfully go to the polls again to make sure there is no intimidation against our people, which was our intent in 2008."

But Malik Zulu Shabazz told the interviewer, "No, sir," when asked if any poll-watchers would have nightsticks or other weapons.

The group's Philadelphia leader, King Samir Shabazz, who brandished the billy club in 2008 and was slapped with a federal injunction aimed at preventing that from happening again, claimed to the Daily News that he and fellow NBPP activist Jerry Jackson had shown up at 12th and Fairmount four years ago because of rumors that white skinheads would disrupt voting.

Will the two local activists be back there again in 2012? That's hard to say. The website where King Samir Shabazz promoted his ideology - along with a hip-hop CD - called Rebelslaves.com was offline last week, and the last known phone number for his sidekick Jackson was disconnected.

But King Samir Shabazz does still have a profile on the site BlackPlanet.com, where he says: "I will not bow down to white Amerikkka" and that he's interested in "casual dating, networking, and serious dating" (Philly.com, 2012).