Truth13 is a group of residents of New York's 13th Congressional District in Staten Island and Brooklyn 

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Dick Cheney to Support New York Lawmaker at Fund-Raiser
The New York Times, NY
"Republicans in New York are in free fall, and Cheney’s visit to New York just proves Vito Fossella’s campaign is flagging,” said Carrie James...

Vito Fossella forced to fire Chris Ward amidst FBI investigations
The Dailynews, NY
Roll Call reports today that four Republican Congressional campaign committees - including Staten Island Rep. Vito Fossella's - have severed ties with their treasurer, Christopher Ward, who is the traget of an FBI probe into financial irregularities at the NRCC...

Proposed the scheme to withhold federal highway funds
The Capital Times - Madison,WI,USA
Vito Fossella, RN.Y., has proposed the scheme to withhold federal highway funds for purely political purposes. It's a stunt linked to the presidential race, ...

Lawmaker offers bill to raid IRA funds for homes
Reuters - USA
Vito Fossella, a Republican. The legislation, which is not focused solely on borrowers with poor credit histories, is aimed at helping qualifying homeowners ...
Pro-Choice IS Pro-Life:
Steve Harrison Defends Liberal Values

Political Cortex - New York,NY,USA
New York City has only one Republican Congressional Rep, Bush Lap Dog Vito Fossella. This guy opposes securing America's ports, flip flops on privatization ...