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Tuesday 6th May 2014

09.00-09.05      Opening Remarks (Tim Norman)

09.05-10.30      Session One (Chair: Tim Norman)
    09.05-09.35  Amine Louati, Joyce El Haddad and Suzanne Pinson, Towards an agent-based and trust-oriented service discovery approach in social networks
    09.35-10.05  Thomas Tran, Robin Cohen and Eric Langlois, Establishing trust in multiagent environments: Realizing the comprehensive trust management dream
    10.05-10.35  Sandip Sen, Anton Ridgway and Michael Ripley, Adapted budget bandit algorithms for trust formation in a supply chain-settings

10.35-11.00      Coffee Break

11.00-12.30      Session Two (Chair: Rino Falcone)
    11.00-12.00  Munindar P. Singh, Tutorial on trust and emotion
    12.00-12.30  Anup Kalia, Nirav Ajmeri, Kevin Chan, Jin-Hee Cho, Sibel Adali and Munindar P. Singh, A model of trust, moods and emotions in MAS and its empirical evaluations

12.30-14.00      Lunch

14.00-15.30      Session Three (Chair: Robin Cohen)
    14.00-14.30  Murat Sensoy, Cooperation and trust in the presence of bias
    14.30-15.00  Gurleen Kaur, Timothy J Norman and Katia Sycara, Trust assessment through continuous behaviour recognition
    15.00-15.30  Cristiano Castelfranchi, Rino Falcone and Alessandro Sapienza, Information sources: Trust and meta-trust dimensions

15.30-16.00      Coffee Break

16.00-18.00      Session Four (Chair: Rino Falcone)
    16.00-16.30  Melania Borit, Loïs Vanhée and Petter Olsen, Understanding the impact of culture on cognitive trust-building processes: How to increase the social influence of virtual autonomous agents
    16.30-17.00  Laurence Cholvy, How strong to believe information ? A trust model in the logical belief function theory
    17.00-17.30  Dominik Klein and Johannes Marx, The dynamics of trust: Emergence and destruction
    17.30-18.00  Closing Discussion