Trust Agents

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"There is one bedrock factor for thriving online in this new era; trustworthiness.                                       And if there's one authority book on it, it is Trust Agents

This is the 'if you only suggested one new book to me Ed...', book.
In this new, fast-paced, challenging business environment,
relationships are everything. If you're not trustworthy, you don't deserve the business. 
people point to those who treat them well. It's as it should be"- Ed Shahzade 
From Chris Brogan: "Ah, here’s where I get my Venn diagrams all messed up.
Trust agents don’t have to be famous or in the spotlight, but they have to be trusted.
Famous people aren’t necessarily trust agents.
Some trust agents are as famous as they are gifted at being a trust agent.
Someone like my friend @Ed Shahzade on Twitter,
are powerful trust agents who never seems to get to the shining lights of the stage.
He deserves more praise than many famous people, but doesn’t exactly get it.
But he’s a more powerful trust agent than some famous folks I know."
"I agree completely about @Ed "~Pastor Jon Swanson(@JnSwanson)  per this review 

"Ed Shahzade, or @Ed, is one of the original folks on Twitter. 
And by that, I mean an early adopter so early in,
that he actually got @Ed as his username back in the day. 

Trustworthy, discerning, and a leading edge experimenter, 
Ed has helped out more folks that I know than just about everyone else - and contrary to your average social media expert, Ed has no need to shove his accomplishments down your throat. Find him at and @Ed on Twitter."

Seth Godin on  Trust Agents by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith
5/5 Stars
"This one's a keeper.
  If you do business online
 (or do business with people who have ever been online)
  or know someone who once used a computer,
  I strongly suggest you get smart about the ideas in this book"

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