Location: Fitzpatrick Center (CIEMAS) 1345

The Truskey Lab Group is interested in cardiovascular engineering, tissue engineering, stem cells, cell mechanics, cell-material interactions and cell adhesion. Currently we are studying the feasibility of coating stents with endothelial cells prior to in vivo implantation. Additionally, we are studying the mechanics of endothelial cells using traction forces in order to better understand the mechanics of these important cardiovascular cells.

Another area of interest is tissue-engineered skeletal muscle constructs and how they may be manipulated to behave more similarly to native human tissue. Current methods of engineering muscle constructs fall significantly short of native tissue when it comes to outputting comparable forces. We are using microRNA transfection to improve skeletal muscle formation and maturation. We are also interested in skeletal muscle oxygen consumption and metabolism in vitro and drug-induced changes in both.                                    
The Truskey Lab is part of the Center for Biomolecular and Tissue Engineering (CBTE) at Duke. To find out more, please visit the website by clicking here.  


5.2014        Congrats, Brittany for winning the BME elevator pitch competition!

4.2014        We would like to welcome our newest additions: Jonathan Repper and Megan                         

4.2014        Congratulations to all runners of team Truskey Trotters and Hoffman Harriers!                     
                  The top ten age group finishers were: Dr. Truskey (2nd), Tracy (3rd), 
                  Megan (6th) and Brittany (9th)!

4.2014       Congratulations to both Dr. Alex Jantzen and Dr. Cindy Cheng for successfully 
                 defending their dissertations!

4.2014        Lydia was awarded graduation with distinction!

4.2014        Kevin will be starting his career at Roche upon finishing his time in the 
                  Truskey lab. Congrats, Kevin!

4.2014        Jessica, Lydia and Jessica presented posters at Duke's Visible Thinking 
                  poster session. Great job! They were featured in an article about the annual                         
                  showcase: here.

4.2014       Justin won the Duke Undergraduate Research Society Abstract Competition 
                 for his abstract: "Substrate Stiffness Promotes Endothelial Cell Senescence." 

4.2014       The Exceptional Abstract Award was awarded to Alex at the International                              
                 Vascular Biology Meeting 2014 in Kyoto, Japan! Congratulations, Alex!

4.2014        Brittany was awarded the Research and Innovation Fellowship, a partnership                         
                  between the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Agency for International                     
                  Development to fund fellows tackling global health problems in developing                             

4.2014       Cristina received a poster award from Cardiovascular special interest group at 
                 Society For Biomaterials. Good Job, Cristina!

3.2014        Alex was selected for the CBTE Kewaunee poster session senior graduate award!

3.2014        Hillary was accepted into the Biomedical Engineering Department at Case                             
                  Western Reserve University! 
                  Congrats, Hillary!

3.2014        Lydia will be attending Drexel University College of Medicine -- Class of 2018! 
        Congratulations, Lydia! 

1.2014        We are looking forward to recruitment this Spring in hopes of
                  welcoming new faces this Fall! Interested candidates should contact Dr.
                  Truskey at gtruskey@duke.edu.

Winners of the Group Costume Contest on Halloween. Go Truskey Lab!

The Truskey Group and friends at our Annual Angels Among Us 5K run! 
All lab members ran including Dr. Truskey!

Members of the Truskey Lab at Duke's Visible Thinking poster session. 
We made the front page of www.duke.edu!

Fitzpatrick Center, Duke University