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The first Autumn Moon Children's Festival (TĂȘ't Trung Thu) was organized in 1987 by many Vietnamese community organizations and boys and girl scout scouting troops from Maryland and Virginia.


The Autumn Moon Festival is thousands of years old and is celebrated in many Far East Asian countries that once used the lunar calendar like Vietnam, China and Korea. There are many versions to the origination and meaning of the festival. Below is a popular version from Vietnam, Korea, and Northern China.

The summer harvest was over by September (August in the lunar calendar) of each year. While harvesting, the adults were busy and left their children to play on their own. Once the harvest had been completed the adults celebrated offering thanks to the Gods for providing them a good harvest. They also made up for the lost quality time with their children by organizing a Mid-Autumn festival under the full moon which falls on the 15th day of the 8th month in the lunar calendar. This festival was a combination of Thanksgiving and Halloween. The celebration was first held during the Han Dynasty under the emperor Wu Di around 156-87 B.C.

The Vietnamese-American community in the US has been committed to the preservation of the Vietnamese heritage and to the introduction of the unique Vietnamese cultural characteristics into mainstream America. The Mid-Autumn Children's Festival in the Washington Metropolitan was started in 1987 by many Vietnamese organizations as a part of these efforts. The festival provides a fun and safe environment where everyone can celebrate the Vietnamese heritage. Thousands of children and their parents come to participate at this annual event. It is a wonderful gathering where children can learn about the Vietnamese culture in a festive and vibrant atmosphere. The festival is one of the most participated annual events in the Washington DC Vietnamese community.


The organizing committee of the festival consists of many community organizations and is set up to meet and plan for the festival each year in May. The committee appoints a particular organization to serve as the coordinator for that year's festival. The coordinator conducts meeting, handles public relation matters, secures facilities, administers and conducts fundraising efforts, and oversees the overall operation of the festival.


The festival is supported by contributions from the individuals, public and area businesses, and by grants from private foundations and government agencies. A major part of the expense is spent on toys and games. The rest is spent on advertising, facility, decoration and other expenses. Past contributors and sponsors included AT & T, MCI, Pepsi, Arlington Department of Parks, Recreations and Community Resources. All donations please made payable to VietKids DC, earmarked Trung Thu Festival and send to: VietKids DC, P.O. Box 5091 Falls Church, VA 22044